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You need to ensure that the network connection is correct and stable to download files from Google Drive normally. Besides, the browser is not updated to the latest version, wrong recognition of antivirus software, and damaged databases may also cause the Google Drive won’t download files problem. When there are important files that need to be downloaded from Google Drive but are blocked due to errors, it will annoy users.

If there is a problem with the network connection, scroll down to find ” Network troubleshooter ” and click to view and fix related issues. On Mac : Click the Apple icon on the desktop, navigate to System Preferences , click Network , and then select the network adapter to check. The status of the Internet connection will be displayed here.

If too much cache and data accumulate on the browser will cause webpage loading problems and computer format settings, etc. Here we use Google Chrome as an example to introduce the steps to clear browser cache and data. Step 1. Click the menu in the upper right corner of the browser and select More Tools. Step 2. Click Clear browser data and select Any time in the Time range. Step 3. Outdated browsers will bring a lot of hidden dangers.

Only timely updates can avoid Google Drive download problems as much as possible. Here, we will continue to use Google Chrome as an example to show how to update manually. Click Help at the browser menu, then select About Google Chrome to continue. If you have a newer version, the browser will automatically download the latest version for you. After the update is complete, click Relaunch as shown and Chrome will restart.

Incorrect extensions or settings will also cause cannot download files from Google Drive, resetting Chrome is an effective way to solve this problem. Please be assured that resetting the settings will only log out of your Google account and will not delete your personal information. This method will not cause you any loss. Roll the mouse and click Restore settings to their original defaults under Reset and clean up. Then click Reset to confirm. They will usually provide you with accurate help after understanding your situation.

Go to support. Besides that Google Drive cannot download files, you may also encounter other problems while using Google Drive, such as Google Drive freezes or keeps crashing.

Constantly repairing takes a lot of time and effort. You’d better try a better way to sync files to Google Drive easily. CBackup is a professional cloud backup service with outstanding and stable performance in data protection. It supports automatic backup and sync files on Windows PC to Google Drive, without the need to manually add files that need to be stored each time.

Moreover, If you want to transfer Google Drive to another cloud for data security, CBackup can also help you. Let’s create a free CBackup account and sign in to the CBackup app. Then follow the on-screen guide to allow CBackup to access your Google Drive files. Step 4. You can edit the Task Name to differ from other tasks, and select files from the PC to sync, and select a Google Drive folder as the target location.

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How to Fix Google Drive Not Downloading? – Unable to download file from drive

Method 2. Clear browser cache and data. Method 3. Update the browser. Method 4. Reset Google Chrome settings. Method 5. Contact with Google support team. Try Better Way to Protect Your Files – CBackup.❿

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