Unpaid debts hold up your business, affecting cash flow, creating uncertainty and potentially preventing payment of your staff or creditors, harming your reputation. 

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Our debt recovery solicitors will work closely with you and provide practical advice to help you recover the maximum amount of the debt, as quickly as possible and with minimum cost. We are trusted by companies both large and small to recover their business debts, knowing that we will act quickly to the highest professional standards.

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Is it worth pursuing debts owed to you?

In order to answer this question, you should ensure that you have a reasonable chance of recovering the debt owed to you. You should also ensure that the expenses spent in recovering the debt is justifiable. 

If you are contemplating writing off small debts, you will have to be extremely cautious and consider whether writing off the small debts would set a bad precedent and encourage other small debtors to not pay. For larger debts, initially you will need to ascertain and understand why the debtor has not paid the outstanding debt. If for example the reason why the debtor has not paid the debt owing is because they have an issue with the goods you have supplied, then this issue may first need to be resolved before looking at recovering the debt. If you are aware that the debtor is in cash flow difficulties, a more viable solution would be to make attempts to negotiate a reduced lump sum payment. Alternatively arrange a payment plan.

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What evidence do I need to
recover the debt?

The best scenario would be for you to have a written and signed contract with the debtor. However, you may have other documentary evidence such as bank statements, purchase orders, contemporaneous notes, e-mails, text messages or witnesses to oral contracts. This evidence should show that you have fulfilled your side of the contract. The best thing in these sorts of circumstances is for you to have evidence that the debtor was aware of your terms and conditions before any contract was entered. 

It is vital that copies of all correspondences are kept as well as your attempts to chase the debt or any attempts to negotiate a settlement. Although not the best scenario, but even without direct evidence, it may be possible to infer the agreement from other evidence, hence why it is crucial to keep copies of everything.

Discuss the evidence and the quality of your evidence with our specialist solicitors at Debt Recovery Solicitors before taking court action, especially if there is a dispute over the debt.


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