Blakewells Solicitors is a London-based high street Law Firm which has been in business for over 10 years. At Blakewells, we make law simple. We’re a leading solicitor’s firm, working with clients across the world to ensure a sound and secure future. Whether you’re an individual or a corporate organisation, we have the expertise to help with everything – from residential and commercial conveyancing to Landlord and Tenant disputes and much more.


Blakewells Solicitors our specialist lawyers have over 11 years between them and has gained over the years experience and expertise.


Our extensive resources and commitment to client service satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele across multiple industries.


Expertise and experience is what make our clients come back every time. Our team is always setting up the basis for honest and open when communicating.


Price is what you pay. Value is what you get for us It's about necessity quality and winning for our clients


What makes us different is our people. Our people are determined to achieve the best results for our clients. How we get there varies from organisation to  organisation, person to person. No assumptions, no one-size-fits-all approach. We measure and monitor results to ensure that we are the preferred legal service provider for our clients.

Integrity, decency, kindness and humility. These qualities are the bedrock on which we build our objectives as well as our relationships with clients, colleagues and community.


We are committed to advancing the communities in which we live and work, and we dedicate substantial energy, talent and resources to meaningful causes and initiatives that reflect our values and vision. For us, it’s simple. We have a responsibility to make a difference and to help our communities succeed. And we bring the same energy and discipline to this pursuit as we do to our service to clients. 

At Blakewells Solicitors, we develop strategies to keep the spirit of diversity and inclusivity afloat at all times. We always value diversity and inclusivity in our recruitment processes, qualification on promotions, employment retention, and more.


Suleman Shams


Naz A Williams


Naz is a Director and Head of Immigration at Shams Williams Solicitors. She is an
experienced immigration lawyer and has been acting for clients who face immigration issues
for over 20 years. Naz covers all areas of immigration law, ranging from Visitor Visas to
Business Immigration, including, Asylum, appeals and Judicial Reviews.
In the early years of her legal career, Naz worked with a member of parliament in the West
Midlands, assisting the constituents in a variety of issues, such as housing, environmental
law, immigration, and civil disputes.
Naz has gained expertise in Immigration and Conveyancing matters working with several
firms during the early part of her career. Naz soon realised that she enjoyed the challenging
aspects of the immigration rules and obtaining the best outcome for her clients. Naz enjoys
helping clients and guiding them through the maze of relevant immigration rules and
regulations all combined to keep the work fascinating, challenging and fun.

Naz loves arts and crafts and often loves creating a crochet project to help her relax when
away from work.


Hannah Nguyen


Changese Khan


Amy Mansfield

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