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As such, we offer much more than technical expertise on emerging trends. That means that quality and customer satisfaction are more than just words to us. We concentrate on our ability to deliver elegant solutions to complex problems in a cost-effective manner. Quad Knopf, Inc. With over thirty years of experience and a staff of more than in five offices in California and Nevada, Quad Knopf serves cities, counties, special districts, school districts, colleges and universities, oil exploration and development companies, telecommunications companies and other private development clients.

Quality Network Services, Inc. Quality Telecommunication Services, Inc. Quality Wiring, Inc. QualityLogic Inc. The Company is an innovator of leading-edge products and services for quality assurance and quality control operations. QualityLogic s testing services and tools focus on the conformance, performance, and interoperability testing needs of its customers, from low level firmware testing, to high level multi-tier application testing.

We have over 37 years experience building these products right the first time. We work in all metals and plastics, in quantities from proto-type through production. Quantex Industries, Inc. We send our vans to the customer premises to calibrate communications testing equipment equipment that is rack-mounted. We manufacture a line of high voltage tone generating equipment. We manage inventories of critical equipment for large communications companies, providing advanced exchange of this equipment to their field froces.

Quantex is a small, minority-owned hispanic company. Quantum Tele-Communications, Inc. Our generators are in use in cryptographic systems, including satellite communications, gaming, lottery, modeling and random test selection. Quantum World is a world leader in RNG technology and applications. Log on to see samples at www. Quest Microwave, Inc. QuickSilver Controls, Inc. WIN can be used with pagers, cell phones, landline phones and most any wireless communications.

Quintech Electronics and Communications, Inc. Quintum Technologies, Inc. Tenor is a versatile VoIP solution that can be deployed in a variety of applications with less disruption to the existing voice network infrastructure than any VoIP gateway in the market.

MultiPath architecture makes Tenor not only the easiest, most cost effective solution to deploy, but also allows the Tenor to provide greater benefits than a VoIP gateway, such as hop off calling, branch office survivability, and re-routing of calls based on poor QoS or IVR input.

We analyze communication processes, write complicated information in plain English, and train staff with completely customized workshops on how to write clearly, correctly and appropriately for their diverse audiences in print and electronically.

Rea Corp. COM R. REA is certified by the U. REA has received a number of awards and letters of commendations for outstanding services. Products and Services Offered IT Facility Operations and Maintenance 2. Database Planning and Design3. IT Systems Analysis and Design 5. IT Network Management Services 6. Programming Services 7. IT Data Conversion Services 8. Systems Installation9. Telecommunications Support Services. Biometrics, and systems integration.

Controls projects. Design-Build Electrical Projects. Turnkey Electrical Projects. RaBo Industries Co. Radar Systems Technology, Inc. Our territory is outsideof the United States of America. Radbit Computers, Inc. Radiofrequency Safety International Corp. Senior members of the RSI staff have an average of 25 years of general industry safety and telecommunications expertise.

Our flexibility in providing custom programs allows for different organizations needs to be met in the most timely and cost efficient manner..

Products include university based training, the Health and Safety video series, CD and internet based training. Testing at. Dedicated to performing only EMC services Radiometrics has helped customers around the world to achieve compliance with Aerospace, Commercial, Medical, Military, and Transportation Industry specifications.

They are familiar with all types of electronic equipment and what it takes to correct any EMC problem. RADirect specializes in selling telecommunication and data communication access equipment and security solutions.

Five ruggedization options are offered. With ICS and Octec now established within Radstone Embedded Computing, Radstone can also offer industry-leading solutions in data acquisition, digital signal processing, software radio, rugged, real-time video tracking and image processing systems. This dual functionality is attractive to enterprises and service providers that seek IP telephony solutions that support multimedia functionality for enhanced services.

Our products and technology have been integrated into IP communications systems developed by hundreds of communications equipment providers. Because our products and technology are broadly deployed across various segments of the IP communications industry, the interoperability of our products and technology with products from different vendors is virtually assured.

Improved Time to Market Our customers rely on our accumulated expertise with IP communications standards and core technology to significantly reduce their development cycle and improve time to market. Communications equipment providers need standards-compliant building blocks to develop interoperable products for real-time voice and video communications over packet networks. Implementing standards is a complex task that requires in-depth technical know-how and expertise as well as substantial investments of time and resources.

Our products and technology enable our customers to shorten their development time by integrating our proven enabling products and technology into their solutions. Broad Range of Product Environments Our products and technology provide all of the key network components necessary to build a real-time IP communications solutions. Our customers have the flexibility to design individual products and applications or complete systems.

Similarly, our enabling technology spans a broad range of product environments from chip sets and hand held devices to complex and powerful carrier class gateways and switches. Radyne Com Stream Corp. The compnay, through the Tiernan subsidiary www. The Armer subsidiary www. Radyne ComStream Corp. The Xicom Technology subsidiary is a producer of high power amplifiers for communications applications.

For more information, visit our web site at www. Additional information on Xicom is available at www. Ragini Communications Inc. Specializing in writing quick-turnaround Windows based software, and building Intel based custom computers, along with network support, consulting, and remote access troubleshooting and assistance via internet connection.

Ramex, Inc. We are staffed by highly professional technical personnel in communication systems and applications. Mission Statemant: To provide consistently high quality products and services to our customers, with emphasis on company expertise and selective core products, maintaining customer loyalty, increasing revenues while optimizing profitability, and actively promoting employee expertise, responsibility and participation at all levels.

Mitel, Lucent, Norstar telephone equipment, Dynaminc Instrument didgital call logger. Rancorn, Jr. For 42 years our firm has provided professional design of the highest caliber to clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

In-house capabilities include architecture, planning, landscape architecture, and interior space planning and design. Our in-house capabilities enable us to respond to projects of varied scale and nature, particularly those with unique programmatic objectives and a high level of design complexity.

We utilize the most current imaging, printing, and communications technologies. By integrating advanced technology with our design process, we are able to provide our clients with superior design that is delivered in a timely manner.

The management of Rancorn Wildman is dedicated to client service and to the ideals of excellence and quality in both work and materials. Whenever possible, effective alternatives are addressed allowing informed decisions based on quality, cost, and value. Whitcher Phone: URL: www. We also provide expert consulting services and methods based on proven software process improvement techniques and tools. We are dedicated to providing our customers small or large, government or commercial with innovative solutions that enable them to leverage information technology to solve the complex challenges posed by management, mobility and threats to the safeguard and protection of their most critical information assets.

Rauland-Borg Corp. Our ability to service global customers is enhanced through our alliances with strategic IT partners with international presence. Raven Electric, Inc. We provide communications cabling systems, land mobile radios sales and service, exhaustive electrical inspections and maintenance, power quality studies, UPS systems sales and service, battery sales and service as well as many other specialized services.

RAY Communications, Inc. HF radio equipment for long distance communications is used mainly by militaries and government agencies. LMR equipment for short distance communications is used by federal and local government agencies, such as police and fire departments, railroads and other commercial businesses, and militaries worldwide.

Provide communication project management and professional servicesProvide CCTV and intercom system installations. Simple and complete software is included with every instrument, and telemetry options are available.

Choose reliability and superb customer support for your important data. Reality Engineering, Inc. We facilitate the link between marketing and engineering. Our media team can help re-purpose your own CAD data into visually accurate interactive 3D product presentations showing degree views, interactive animations, fly-throughs, and exploded views of the product that can be produced for Marketing, Sales, and Training on CD, DVD, Video, and the Web.

We can also re-purpose your publications, print, audiovisual aids, video productions, into 3D communication tools. Reality Engingeering, Inc. Realm Communications Group, Inc. Parker Phone: URL: www. The company specializes in developing and marketing unique fiber optic solutions. Founded in , the company has taken a leading role in supplying state-of-the-art technologies and integrated solutions in voice, data, video and SCADA fields.

Real-Time Innovations Inc. Our products include: NDDS publish subscribe, real-time middleware; Constellation – the real-time UML-based software platform for control software; and, ScopeTools – analysis tools for embedded software. Red Rock Communications, Inc. Red Sierra Networks, Inc. RED, Inc. Communications provides complete documentation support services to clients in both the government and private sector.

Services can be provided in RED, Inc. Redman Consulting Services, Inc. Business Objectives include:? Understanding your requirements?

Design – Build – Operate? Delivering standards-based integrated enterprise solutions? Aligning technology with tactical and strategic priorities?

Environmentally and sustainability conscious. RedSky Technologies, Inc. Our Cielo Software Platform supports a series of applications including E, call accounting and corporate directory management.

This platform enables large enterprises to share common information by creating a centralized database providing integrated telecommunications management for security, productivity and cost containment. Farmer owned cooperative manufacturing aluminum and steel semi trailers and steel containers for refuse.

Have ability to form, brake and weld carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel. Redwood Software, Inc. Adrian Walker. Refraction Technology, Inc. Regulatory Research Associates, Inc. Reimers Systems, Inc.

Reimers Phone: URL: www. We also specialize in oxygen service solutions to fit any site or need. Our accessory line also includes manifolds, hood drivers, gas selection panels and utility penetrators.

RSI services include site development and engineering; turnkey site installation; field acrylic re-window service; overhaul, relocation and maintenance of any chamber; operations and emergency procedures; safety surveys; fabrication design and shop drawing reviews; CAD design and conversion from conventional drawings, and much more.

Reisman Consulting Group, Inc. RelComm, Inc. Reliable Southern Transport, Inc. We at RSTI understand that choosing the right transportation carrier to accomplish important business objectives can sometimes be cumbersome and perplexing for even the most seasoned professional. Reliable Southern Transport Inc. Ranging from exclusive trucking, Customs Bonded carrier, airfreight, ocean freight, charters, relocations, exhibitor, and logistics services as well as crating services that can provide customized packaging to meet your needs, including Mil.

Spec, Vapor lock, and Anvil trade show cases. Our services are engineered for flexibility to provide you with the benefits of a tailored transportation package that meets your needs today while anticipating change in the future. Again, we at Reliable Southern Transportation Incorporated appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you, and look forward to a successful business-partner relationship.

If you have any additional questions regarding our services please contact me at The Company designs, manufactures, and markets wireless communications products consisting of two-way land mobile radios, repeaters, base stations, and related components and subsystems. Remcom Inc. Renaissance Communications, Inc. Rivera Phone: URL: www. Niche capability in healthcare.

Major areas; project management, system design, software development, clinical and administrative applications, telemedicine, teleradiology, and telecommunications. Renard Communications, Inc. Special features address the concerns of women, members of minority groups and technical professionals with disabilities in specific industries and professions.

Regular departments review diversity practices and technical hiring at major corporations, government entities and other organizations that employ technical professionals; showcase diverse technical professionals and their jobs; and cover career news of interest to the reader community.

Delivery of these first technologically advanced loop detectors began in late Inductive loop detection systems have been in use since the s. Since , Mr. Potter has developed many patented inventions based on the detector module.

These inventions are now widely used in vehicle detection systems in applications such as traffic control systems and controlled parking facilities. We are lincensed and insured. Resource Communications, Inc. Threatt Phone: URL: www. Resource Network International, Inc. Pickrum Phone: URL: www. Responsive Internet Systems, Inc. RIS , founded in by Kevin Squire, has rapidly become one of the leading communication contractors in Southern California.

Our capabilities. Having AMP certified, highly trained technicians, with an aptitude for job responsibility, teamwork, and craftsmanship, is what sets us apart.

Jarrett Phone: URL: www. RCG services also include market research, as well as business, orgainzational and financial planning. RCG conducts policy studies, regulatory analyses, procurement and contract negotiations on behalf of our clients. This includes provisioning, site surveys and project and vendor management.

We also translate to foreign languages. There is a great talent pool here, and they are available via ISDN patch. Two way radio consulting and coverage prediction. RF Networks modems provide commercial quality data paths rather than shared time slot consumer access common to most cable modems. Just as firms, whose business depended on assured communications availability, left the dial access telephone network in favor of leased circuits, so will they find it necessary to leave the shared access cable or microwave network for dedicated point-to-point bandwidth.

It is precisely this need that is addressed by the RF Networks product line. The Series modems provide a protocol independent connection that is the equivalent of a hard-wired connection.

There are no problems with protocols, whatever they may be, and no waiting for an access slot to send or receive. The QPSK modulation is highly robust to any cable imperfections or microwave fade and multipath. The Model with the Model provid enhanced telemetry demodulation. They a significant increase of data density in a world of decreasing available bandwidth and true spatial diversity.

Full Warranty. Web Design and Hosting Services: www. TeleVantage 4. Rh Laboratories, Inc. The company has a broad range of standard and custom gimbal designs, in stabilized or unstabilized configurations, for payloads such as lasers, antennas, cameras and other sensors.

Ring Communications, Inc. Mclean Phone: URL: www. Systems with capacity from two to 7, stations. Emergency call stations, vandalproof and heavy duty industrial equipment also available.

Systems have ability to access access control, public telephone networkds,CCTV, door control, overhead and pocket paging systems. We focus on building and upgrading med to large Voice and Data networks worldwide.

We also provide Definity equipment, Definity installation and professional services to meet your changing telecom needs. Ritron wireless products will improve the operation, safety, and profitability of any organization by providing instant voice communication between key employees throughout the workplace.

Using smart cards, fingerprint sensors, e-signature pads and advanced encryption techniques, RIVA protects wireless messages and the networks they access. RIVA service capabilities are focused on product development and engineering along with IT security solutions for network integration, installation, application development and secure data processing.

Has strong analytical, problem-solving, oral and written communications skills, and has performed test, integration and evaluation of complex electronic systems.

Rizzuto Solutions, Inc. Rizzuto Phone: URL: www. RJ Mayer and Associates, Inc. One of our biggest assets is negotiating with telephone companies. Most of our consultants worked many years in the Bell system, giving us the insight to help when a customer is in the market to buy. We track assets, from file folders to large mobile world wide assets, anywhere in the world. We provide special units to track personnel on the ground, monitored by a command vehicle in the area.

We provide all weather, any location in the world, pallet and vehicle tracking. With a one day notice, we can provide tracking capability for any rush military project anywhere in the world. RJO Enterprises, Inc. Information Technology Services. Electronic Systems design, development, prototyping, production, test, and support. Test Engineering. Communications Engineering.

RLF Consulting Inc. Coleman Phone: URL: RLF Consulting staffs outsourced work,primarily in the areas of customer service communications , call center reps, help desk staffing, training, process documentation, call center evaluation and performance. RMF Engineering, Inc. RMF is a consulting firm specializing in building and infrastructure engineering. RMF is nationally recognized for the analysis, planning, design and commissioning of complex buildings and campus utility generation and distribution systems.

Robison Management Consulting, Inc. Robison Phone: URL: www. Help managers increase their effectiveness via coaching. Provides in-house training for improvement of communications and performance. RoboProbe Technologies, Inc.

Rockford Consulting Group, Ltd. Rockwell Collins Collins is a world leader in government and commercial aviation electronics and communications. Our services division provides full intregrated logistics support including maintenance, repair, overhaul, supply chain management, non-Collins supply chain and repair management, aftermarket support, technical publications, training, and simulation services world wide at over 50 locations.

We are a copper cable splicing company for communications. We splice cables from 2 pair to pair as our main business.

We also put in Cat 5 wiring and jacks in buildings for communications services. We splice Coax cables for Television services and Fiber cables for communications services. Fiber optic splicing as well as copper splicing. Testing cable and engineering services.

Water Service lines. Gas line installation. Rofin-Baasel Inc. Markable materials include metals, plastics, glass, ceramics, tamper-evident label stock, and silicon wafers. Rofin-Baasel provides design, manufacturing, assembly, marketing, sales and international service and spare parts support for its products. Rohn Industries, Inc. ROHN offers complete turnkey services. Laycock Phone: URL: We are a publisher and consulting organization specializing in work and family balance issues.

A major offering is in the area of relocation issues for families. It is especially relevant for military families and civilians employed by the government with children who often are moved frequently.

Romanov Group focuses on providing information management and information technology consulting services, including project management and organization, communications and publications development, and various information technology support services. During the past 15 years, RRC has successfully expanded into technical and management services for Government communications facilities.

These achievements were made possible by our ability to partner with the customer, improve processes, and recruit and sustain the best talent. Computer Aided Photography which makes the impossible image possible. Stock Photo Library of over , color images available for lease for communications uses. Our software specifically targets photonic component design, optical communication system simulation and network design, architecture and planning. Thompson Phone: URL: www.

We are the sixth largest mfg. Carrier class Data Communications equiptment. Motorola 2way radio equipment sales and service.

Professional management consulting services including mediation, auditing, small and dbe compliance. Two – way radio communications systems sales, installation, and maintenance. Diverse managment consulting services. Small business services program administration, public relations, community development,. South Jordan, UT Contact name: kime kinikini Phone: URL: General services, janitorial, landscaping, maintenance, general construction, linens, Laundry services, clothing suppliers, demolition,.

Tech, Inc. Tech Inc. Tech manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems media converters , multiplexers, repeaters, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, and Industrial Control Systems. From groundbaseddigital messaging to space and cyberspace, no company in ourindustry is more synonymous with excellence and leadership.

The products consist of Type1 classified andType 3 SBU encryption and authentication solutions to protectcommunications, sensitive and classified data, intellectual property,and digital identities. Kelly Phone: URL: www. Our emphasis is in the areas of aging, disability, veterans benefits and issues and health and human services.

Sagebrush Technology, Inc. Zmuda Phone: URL: www. In addition to selling standard models, Sagebrush engineers customized and custom-designed products. Sagem Avionics, Inc. These include technical support, MRO services, and marketing and sales of integrated cockpit display systems, helicopter autopilot systems, flight control components, aircraft condition and monitoring systems, and flight operations quality assurance software.

Harley Phone: URL: www. We are devoted to keeping the agency vibrant and solid, while keeping our clients profitable and on-target with their desired goals and objectives. Whelan Phone: URL: salientassociates. Commercial, educational, residential, and telecommunications projects.

Samco Antennas, Inc. We will design and build for unusual frequency requirments where a standard yagi is not available in the marketplace. US owned, founded in Fort Myers, Florida in , we have recently expanded our operations to a second location in Huntington, West Virginia.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of high power up to kW AC and DC motor controllers for traction propulsion applications.

Sandia Lightwave, Inc. Clark Phone: URL: www. Sangoma s data cards, voice cards, gateways and connectivity solutions are used in leading PBX, IVR, contact center and data-communication applications worldwide. The product line includes both hardware and software components that offer a comprehensive toolset for deploying cost-effective, powerful and flexible communication solutions.

SatCom Distribution Inc. Distributing various brands allows us to recommend exactly which model would be best for you. We have a very experienced sales team to advise prior to purchase and also a technical team to support you with aftersales advice. Please call or email us if you wish to purchase products or services. Through its world-class networks, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing.

Internationally, SBC companies have telecommunications investments in 25 countries. Through its world class networks, SBC companies provide a full range of voice, data, networking and e-business services, as well as directory advertising and publishing. A Fortune 30 company, SBC currently serves 52 million access lines nationwide. It is a subsidiary in a family of growing companies, with state-of-the-art telecommunications services and products for customers in regional, national and international markets.

SBC Global Services also uses small or small disadvantaged businesses as subcontractors whenever possible. SBI also. We provide components and systems that meet the computing needs of a wide range of industries, from telecommunications to medical electronics, industrial automation to defense.

Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, SBS maintains eight primary operating locations, has regional sales offices throughout the United States and has international sales offices in four countries. SBS serves more than 1, customers with over 4, embedded computer products. Our approach of providing a wide range of standard and customized embedded computer solutions helps our customers get to market more quickly, more reliably and more economically.

Helping our customers succeed has enabled SBS to become one of the best-performing companies in the industry. SCA Technica, Inc.

Murotake, Ph. We also provide contractor support for integration of Software Communication Architecture SCA compatible communication systems into platforms and modify digital radio systems for compatibility with the SCA. Our technology incorporates SDR, cognitive radio and biometrics. We have facilities, personnel and programs cleared for classified access. We are a value added reseller VAR. Scheitlin Communications, Inc. Working on Hill AFB, UT for twenty years doing electrical and mechanical contracting on new construction, remodels, laboratories, process controls, security, fire alarms, communications and flight lines.

Our crew and associates work together to bring the customer uncompromised quality and value which sets US apart from all the others. Schrock Electric, Inc. Pueblo, CO Contact name: Jaime e.

Loza Phone: URL: www. Patricia H. Schumaker Phone: URL: www. Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

SEL designs microporcessor based devices for protecting, monitoring, automating, and controlling electric power system equipment and processes. Our problem solving focus has yeilded over 50 granted patents.

We manufacture our products in a , square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at our headquarters in Pullman, WA. We perform customer training at our headquarters or on your site. Our production schedules, processes and procedures are meticulously controlled. Scientific Systems Company, Inc. Simpson Phone: URL: ssci. Our whole business is geared to helping clients communicate complex information to diverse internal and external audiences through print and electronic media.

We have built a reputation for effectively creating communications vehicles that get tangible results. SDS Communications, Inc. Arlington, VA Contact name: S. Sea-Image Communications Ltd. Wave radar for determination of wave spectra, significant wave height, speed, and direction. Ship motion analysis system uses accelerometers to measure pitch, roll, hull stress, and loading on cargo. It detects and displays shoals, sand bars, whales, shipping containers, ice, and other in-water obstacles up to feet in front of the vessel.

FarSounder generates a three-dimensional depth map over its entire field-of-view with a single ping, and measures both the range and azimuth of targets as well as what depth they are located. System uses output from x band marine radar to determine ocean wave parameters such as significant wave height, speed, direction, wave energy, and period. Ths system also measures surface current direction and speed.

Seanet Electronics Inc. Manufacturer of technical search and surveillance equipment for search and rescue, tactical surveillance, hazmat communications, and security forces. Sea-Trac Offshore Services, Inc. Sales, Installation and Service of all Major Brands incl. SCS provides systems network design and architecture services, secure software development, risk assessment and penetration testing, and forensic investigative services hard drives, network forensics, application level web security, secure software code development inpection.

SCS is also a leading manufacturers representative, providing. Secure Communications Solutions, Inc. Vello Phone: URL: www. SCS is a business headquartered in Western Pennsylvania and specializing in security vulnerability assessments.

We will identify critical assets across functional business areas, evaluate areas for vulnerabilities utilizing various vulnerability scanning tools, review configurations of servers, routers, firewalls, develop mitigation plans to minimize your security risks and develop best practices for security policies and procedures going forward within your company.

Hugler Phone: URL: www. We are specifically involved in the emergence of neural technology as a backbone communications platform from which programmable logic controller PLC ladder programming can be launched through peer-to-peer communications and free topology implementation.

From individual stand-alone devices to small ensembles, up through large —scale, enterprise systems, Neural International seeks to inspire the industry by introducing a common denominator, incorporating all the industries disciplines under one unified umbrella.

Access control, badging, intrusion detection, CCTV, intercom exchange, two-way radio messaging, VFD Vacuum Florescent Display , LED and LCD sign control, text-tospeech, serial interfacing, emailing, paging, monitoring, annunciation, interactive graphical displays, all are synchronized under one network compatible platform.

In particular, Global Facility Manager-Elite was developed to provide the industry with unlimited control flexibility, peer-to-peer communications combined with interactive graphical interfacing to produce the most advanced, user-friendly system technology has to offer. The application of security devices to form an effective system depends on the linkage of individual devices and ensembles in a unified manner through synchronization and simplification.

It is now so. The corporation specializes in Government activities, adding expertise to determining military requirements and capabilities in a changing international environment. Seiler has 30 years experience in DoD activities to include: national level policy, Secretary of Defense and Presidential speech writing, compartmentalized and special access programs, end-to-end C4ISR system architectures, operational concepts, computer modeling, scenario development, war game analysis and design, system flow analysis, strategy to tasks, resource allocation, and the entire PPBS process to include Planning, Programming, Budgeting and outlays.

SeiCorp, Inc. We are a women-owned IT consulting firm that has always utilized our resources to perform the best job, for the least amount of money, in the shortest period of time.

Our goal has been to perform all tasks as contracted and transfer the knowledge and ability to staff personnel to reduce the need for additional or future consulting services. Unlike our large corporate competition we never used our client sites as a training ground for new and inexperienced consultants. Our goals have been, and still are based on honesty and integrity.

Our systems are used by customer service representatives, field technicians, operations staff, and end-users in the public and private sectors. Select Engineered Systems, Inc.

SES is extremely focused upon customer satisfaction, and since we are a small business, we are able to react quickly to meet customer needs.

The one thing that makes SES unique, when compared to other contractors, is our proven systems engineering and program management processes; coupled with our commitment to quality.

SES has received continued recognition regarding our Program Management capabilities. Semiconix Design Center,is the main design resource for all Semiconix Businesses. From in house mask shop to photolithography, epitaxial deposition, diffusion, thin film depositions, test, laser trim, packaging.

Semper Fi Global Communications Inc. We focus on delivering total security solutions for businesses harnessing the immense power of Internet communications. We audit, design and. Headsets, microphones. Sennheiser Government Systems Corp. SGS is U. Sennheiser products have received innumerable technical awards including the prestigious Oscar, Emmy and Grammy. High quality, reliability, and performance are designed in to every set of Sennheiser acoustic systems.

Tracy Phone: URL: www. Sensis Air Traffic Systems:The Sensis Air Traffic Systems group develops surveillance sensors and information systems aimed at increasing aviation safety, capacity and. Sensis Air Defense Systems:Sensis Air Defense Systems increase tactical capabilities through advanced radar detection and surveillance integration products.

The division focuses on theater missile defense, tactical data distribution and integration and real time distributed simulation products and complete radar system upgrade solutions.

Sentry also supplies oscillators and filters, as well as channel elements and tone reeds. Sentry Mfg. We also supply channel elements and tone reeds for radios and pagers. We supply various oscillators and filters as well. Sequi, Inc. Tustin, CA Contact name: Mr. Our virtual private networking and encryption system solutions apply industry-leading security technologies to proactively protect data flow in SCADA, telemetry control, automation, and remote monitoring applications.

Shane M. Shank Communications Co. Shared Network Solutions, Inc. Shea Writing and Training Solutions, Inc. Shea Phone: URL: www. Shea also prepares content for web pages, such as reference information, for internal or external access. The Instructional Designers in our training division will develop customized training for CBT, Instructor-Led or self-paced training on any subject. PBS Historical feature documentary. MG Road trips. Shenandoah Tower Service, Ltd.

Award for the last eight years. Shenandoah is also a charter member of the National Association of Tower Erectors. Check out NATE at www.

Sheppard Communications, Inc. Top trainer for Fred Pryor and National Seminars. Provides custom training seminars with practical consulting for implementing true changes. Shields Mas Learning Resources, Inc. Representing major industry brands.

We develop long-range strategic public relations plans based on a review of existing information products, an understanding of the internal and external publics of the organization, and a realistic appraisal of available resources.

The firm also offers media relations support for specific projects. Founded in , the company has grown to be an industry leader in designing stylish, innovative rugged and reliable mobile vehicles.

ExperienceShook Mobile Technology s highly skilled design, engineering, manufacturing and installation professionals create award winning vehicles that range in size and complexity from the simplest microwave equipped news vans to fully integrated network quality mobile digital production facilities housed in expanding side semi trailers. In its 25 year history, Shook Mobile Technology has delivered hundreds of custom built vehicles to their customers in the United States, as well as clients in 24 foreign countries in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

In addition Shook Mobile Technology hold s patents for their innovative expanding side trailers as well as other technologies with patents pending. Shook qualifies as a small business. As a systems integrator, SIGCOM provides consultative and needs assessment, a wide selection of equipment and worldwide coverage.

Our staff possesses expertise across a wide spectrum of disciplines, including project management, systems engineering, installation, testing and maintenance. SIGCOM maintains technological expertise through rigorous proactive training and certification programs.

Sales of new and refurbished product, service and installation of existing or customer supplied product, coordination of network circuits including centrex, analog and digital lines. Two showroom locations in California.

Signature Technology Solutions, Inc. Agboh Phone: URL: www. STS Inc. We specialize in system integration, infrastructure cabling, routers, switches, hubs, and full hardware and software deployment services along with professional staffing. Our quality and competitive pricing enables organizations of all kind to gain and sustain competitive advantages. Sikes Radio Co. Silent Guard Systems, Inc.

Simple Tech, Inc.. Photography Company specializing in still and video photography including Military. Can travel anywhere in the world with proper notice. We can book the biggest acts in the Mississippi Delta for any function anywhere including overseas. Job satisfaction is what we deliver. SiteComp is software designed specifically for spatial disciplines of civil engineering, surveying, mapping and GIS. SiteComp is stand-alone software.

By combining computing and drafting processes, file sizes are reduced, speed is increased and errors are eliminated. All computations are performed directly from coordinate figures. Changes or modifications instantly corrects and updates the entire drawing.

SiteComp is designed for ease of use. The core technology never changes, no relearning necessary when updates are released. No modules, no complex integration. Six X Telecom Corp. Keyser, Jr. Using the latest software development tools and architecture, SMART has developed a software product suite that enables us to tailor a solution to meet your specific business needs.

Smart Telecom also delivers next generation custom e-learning solutions through a partnership with Data Kinetics Ltd. Additional information on fully interactive e-learning management systems is available by visiting www. SMD Consultants, Inc. We are dedicated to providing quality Engineering for a wide range of services.

Smithcurl Communications, inc. Easi-Set Industries currently has 30 precast concrete product licensees worldwide. Specifically, we partner with your organization to further your goals and promote success. We have a strong international focus and cater our services to the specific needs of each client. Soaring Eagle Enterprises, Inc. We speicalize in team building, leadership, customer service, communciation skills and human resource programs for organizations of all sizes and types.

Toliver Phone: URL: www. We have successfully produced more than 30 one-day courseware training manuals for companies in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Alexandria, VA. The scope of these works includs systems analysis and testing, developing, formatting, and preparing user guides and training manuals, creating instructional materials, instructor guides, and exercises for numerous software applications.

We have written and published college textbooks and teacher guides for a variety of publishers. In addition to providing technical writing expertise, we have conducted workshops and seminars for computer distributors and communications companies as well as for governmental agencies, state agencies, and legal firms.

We have sub-contracted with other training groups and independent contractors to conduct training for their organizations on software applications such as Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, and Corel WordPerfect Suite. We have reviewed customized systems developed by large computer systems developers and have provided training for end users.

Our expertise is in the design, development, and deployment of solutions for inter-networking challenges involving Internet, Frame Relay, SNA and X. Software Innovations, Inc. Our experience has been in designing and developing complete and fully integrated solutions. Branching out further, we are completing development on a comprehensive infrastructure security software product. Philosophy is to apply computing technology in innovative ways to address real-world problems so that businesses and individuals enjoy greater productivity.

Specializing in security assessments and training, complimented by direct access to cutting edge security technology including Portable Biowatch machine which can give feedback within 45min, based on PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction techolongy.

Software International SII provides a full suite of on site, onshore, and offshore application development services ADS and IT consulting to Fortune companies in the financial, brokerage, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, legal and insurance industries worldwide. Every project is fully staffed and managed by SII team of project managers, engineers, technical support and account management professionals.

Please visit our company website www. Software Professional Solutions, Inc. Schlesinger Phone: URL: www. SPS is a certified reseller of Instaknow a State of the Art solutions for diverse business processes.

Software Research has served the IT community for over two decades. Founded as a consulting services organization by Dr. Edward Miller, Ph. Ever at the forefront of technology innovations, Software Research has helped thousands of users worldwide in banking, insurance, telecommunications, manufacturing, government services, space agencies and other industries to successfully complete enterprise critical tasks.

Softworld, Inc. Sol Telecommunications Services, Inc. Our services include monitoring, transcription, translation, and interpreting. We provide qualified, experienced linguists who offer the highest level of service. Our linguists possess a thorough understanding of colloquialisms, dialects, and cultural nuances.

We support analysis and reporting, consensual and non-consensual law enforcement wire intercepts, expert court testimony, face-to-face meetings and interviews, as well as simultaneous and consecutive court interpretation.

Most of our personnel hold U. Government security clearances and work to support a myriad of intelligence operations in various fields such as counter-narcotics and counter-intelligence. SolaCom Technologies inc. The company draws from 21 years of experience in the digital voice switching industry.

CML Technologies Inc. Our long-term commitment to the industry has fostered a detailed understanding of the ATC environment and a keen appreciation for the responsibilities of Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Service Specialists, and Airline Dispatchers. Our on-going success results from listening to our customers and devoting ourselves to providing unparalleled functionality, reliability, and service.

Solar Technology Systems, Inc. Morris Phone: URL: www. Current federal government clients are the U. Army Corps of Engineers, U. Marshals Service, and GSA. Today, Sophia offers a line of Solid State Power Amplifiers SSPAs that provide an unparalleled size, weight, and power combination with industry leading power efficiencies.

These products are offered in 2 configurations; a module based component housing and a system based outdoor enclosure with integrated cooling. Sophia Wireless is located in the heart of the Northern Virginia Technology Corridor, the home of advanced communication solutions. Sophia s 11, sq. SYC is a management and IT consulting firm, specializing in technology planning.

Our services include IT strategy, process re-engineering, feasibility study, business case analysis, technology assessment, and acquisition planning. Our core areas of technology expertise include IT, data management, security, and telecommunications. In addition, we have substantial domain expertise is transportation and logisitics. SOTAS delivers real-time information, which allows customers to optimize network, financial and customer-facing decisions and take immediate action.

Our training programs include the topics of. We manufacture portable audio equipment for field production including documentaries, training. Our product line includes portable.

Professional Staffing Associates is a small, woman-owned business, established in , that. Areas of. For almost two decades, PTS has been dedicated to providing innovative business. The key to our success has been our core of culturally. PTS is recognized for the development and delivedry of services that. Projects vary significantly in size.

Day to day operating pressures and constraints. Each client has specific needs and every engagement is custom tailored to best effectuate the. Typically, clients are privately or closely held, often owned and operated by the. Unlike large publicly traded companies, as the owner of a private or tightly held. In today’s. Our niche is a cost-effective means of learning from, and having personal access. We feel comfortable working with other professions as a team player as an ally whose specialty is.

Programs Plus provides instructor-led computer training courses, presentations and helpdesk. Each student receives course book, cd,. Through a holistic approach Project Community will provide a host of programs and services that. Project Masters, Inc. We have a client. Project Masters Inc. Small Business. We help train.

On site or virtual training available. ProjectAide, Inc is a project-oriented service and consulting organization. We provide innovative. Project Management and Project Controls support to clients, in a variety of industries, as they. We specialize in project planning, scheduling, scope. We provide turn-key design, installation and training. We specialize. We offer solutions for the multilingual workplace.

Our comprehensive services include English as. We focus on improving communication, safety and productivity in the. Promats is a custom manufacturer of gym wall padding, field wall padding, backstop padding,. Promats offers custom wall padding, digital graphics, pole. ProMaxima has been designing and manufacturing exercise equipment for over forty years. From the beginning with. Your one stop Business.

Complete and customizable sales. Our sales professional will. Altiris Business Partner, providing Altiris professional and consulting services to include. An information technology company dedicated to harnessing technology to improve the business. Experienced in providing new technical solutions to.

Protection Knowledge Concepts provides training programs on life safety, fire protection, and. Proto Productions serves as resource to museum industry professionals and cultural institutions. Proto works closely with them to achieve the ultimate goal of telling their important stories and.

Proverbs Consulting is an eight-year-old, sole proprietor professional consulting business based. The diversity of services. Tamara Johnson is the sole-proprietor and consultant of Proverbs Consulting.

Johnson has over fifteen years experience in both the public and private sector in many diverse. Pinnacle Training Solutions offers consulting, executive coaching, tailored seminars and. We conduct sessions throughout. Our duties include: Executive Transportation, Protection of key employees,. We have been. Our client list includes: Royalty, International. We are experts in the field of career.

Our client list for training. Pulcir has been in business since We are not covered by any GSA. Pulse Corporation manufactures Lifehook Systems for fall protection during utility lineman pole.

The company also is a distributor for many lines of general fall protection. We deliver expert,. In addition,. Currently being used by Special Forces, over. We support. Also handle gas phase filtration, air cleaners, ozone generators, paint booth. Services include free survey and. The link below will take you to the Q-view. When you arrive, be sure to click through the buttons to discover the many features. We offer. Since our founding in. We are proud to include as our customers some of the world’s largest companies, as.

QAI enables our clients to meet the specific requirements of their back-file and ongoing workflow. The Quality Assurance Institute was founded in to provide leadership to the information. Its mission is:. The Institute provides assistance in the form of “”how-to”” solutions based on. A2LA Accredited Laboratory in the field of calibration. ISO questions, tailored to meet your individual needs. We provide outsourced internal. Remote and in-house. Please contact us through our web page QEdgeMC.

QEPI is an environmental engineering consulting firm specializing in investigations, remediation,. Our Company’s status as an accredited training facility for New York. State and EPA ensures our personnel remain current with state-of the-art practices, regulatory.

Our support staff includes certified industrial hygienists, registered. Also offers. Also provider of. Organization development consulting. Management development. Strategic planning. Personnel development. Leadership development. Learning organizations. Appreciative inquiry. Management consultancy specializing in software process improvement. Principals possess over. COOs, executives, managers and team members, helping corporations, government and nonprofit.

Additionally, QPC trains facilitators to guide. President Kristin J. Her experience and renowned passion for. Our staff can helpyour company to achieve its. Our development. Our staff can provide an. A well-implemented Quality. Program can be a savingfor all parties. We have the staff resources to provide a one stop Quality. We can assist. TMS is a cost-effective solution to high-end.

TMS increases organizational productivity by carrying out tedious watchdog activities, freeing. TMSWeb is a browser-based application.

TMS Enterprise is an bit client-server application. July Qualtec provides quality system and quality improvement consulting, auditing and training to. Our staff has decades of experience in the environmental field, including support to the. We can provide the exact skill mix you need for as long or short as your. Quantum Associates is a results focused independent consulting firm for government agencies.

Nationally recognized for the. We focus on. Quality Assurance Testing? Customized Coaching and Training Clients and. Barber Program, Teachers Training Program. Our school is accredited by the Commission on. Occupational Education.

We do have federal student aid available to any student who qualifies. Call for the. We introduce simple, yet powerful concepts and. Our work is based on the principles of human motiviation. Quintessence Entertainment, Inc. Microwave ovens, foods, packaging, cookware, and. Many of our designs focus on providing the highest degree of information availability to. We offer many real-time solutions that can diversify the means of access to information. Our Technologies enhance your environment as well as specifically addressing these issues: 1.

Easy to. This requires less training time than. Symbol, Handspring, Intermec and other proprietary hardware. Many times these solutions are. We analyze communication processes, write complicated information in plain English, and train. Small Business Administration to participate in its 8 a Program and has. REA has received a. Products and Services. The purpose of this service is to ensure. We do computer-based work including training, graphic design, computer training,programming,. Senior members of the RSI staff have an average of.

Our highly qualified staff of. RSI has a. Our flexibility in providing custom programs allows for different. Products include. Our services allow us to seamlessly.

Research and training company founded by Bruce Tulgan in to study the working lives of. RAMCO is a leader in productivity based, computer training that is designed to enhance overall. We deliver our hands-on instructor-led training in three convenient locations:. Seattle, Tacoma, and Everett. We offer training on business software MS Office, Photoshop,. Windows Server.

As your technology. Full service employment agency specializing in placement of minority and female professional. Provider of. Our medical. The security services group provides fraud investigation, prevention,. In addition the security division operates an Ohio state. Training provider in the interpretation, implementation and auditing of international quality,. Complete design and construction services. Raosoft, Inc. Its headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington.

Sales are provided directly from. Seattle and through resellers and distributors worldwide. In addition, we offer training classes for all our products. Finally, we. Experienced thoughtful Rapid Creek Group consultants work as partners with your organization,. We listen; we offer effective non-nonsense services to private and public. Bring in. Rapid Creek for a few hours or a few days to light a fire, generate ideas and excitement, or to. Strategic and. We actually.

REE, Inc. REE is a leading developer of computer based interactive training. REE also presents in-house seminars that. Engineering is done in house by our highly trained staff of professionals. Our worldwide dealer network provides. RBTi is an information security solutions integrator and service provider of best of breed network,. The RBTi offerings include anti-virus and spam solutions, spyware protection, policy.

All software products offered under. RCP Inc. States specializing in regulatory compliance issues in the energy industry. We typically work with. Fortune companies to assist them with major project permitting, internal audits, operations. We are especially adept at regulatory research, and. We also perform “”standard”” permitting, plan development, and. Distributor of niobium sheet, niiobium wire, niobium rod, anodizing equipment, anodizing training.

Reagan Consulting. Educational Media Production and Training – radio, audio, video, print. Specific strengths in. English as Second Language and intercultural materials development. Creator of award winning. Our goal is to help you turn data into knowledge, and turn knowledge into better. RWR brings a combined total of over 20 years of experience in research methodology. RWR is. Real World. Research always provides the highest quality and a tradition of objectivity so that you can rely on.

Reality Engineering Inc. We facilitate. CAD data into visually accurate interactive 3D product presentations showing degree views,. We can also re-purpose your. Product transition from development to production. Training personnel multi-sites, team. I provide immediate staffing solutions of. I provide a cost-effective approach to advertising for the recruitment of enrollees who. I perform outreach and recruitment of enrollees who meet Federal, State or. City eligibility guidelines.

I also provide training on recruitment procedures, methods and. Looking to partner with. Other services include aerial videography and jimmy. Full service communications company – public relations, marketing, issue advertising, television. Distributors of Garage Equipment. Vehicle lifts – sales of used and new, installation, inspection. Our accessory line also includes. RSI services include site. We help. RRG offers a. Reisman Consulting Group, Inc.

We are available to help your organization: whatever your CM. Our consultants are skilled in developing custom CM plans, defining and implementing.

Reliapon offers the finest in non-lethal weapons and training, high-tech surveillance, thermal. Our pepper sprays BodyGuard Plus tm ,. Enforcement, Military, Corrections, and Security. Please visit our website, www. We have the capability of providing training. Information Technology products and services company. Niche capability in healthcare. Renee Taylor Consulting, Inc. Oracle clients each year in our areas of expertise. Our focus lies in business process modeling.

We concentrate on the transfer of technology and skill to your own. We are available to help you design and develop custom training programs and. Since our inception in , RTC has grown to include more than 20 senior and. Our senior consultants. Rentfrow Incorporated RI was launched in July of with the stated mission of designing,.

RI products. The team at Repro Products is your source for document creation, imagining solutions, Autodesk. Since , Repro Products has been providing printing services. A satisfied customer is Repro. Products’ primary objective, and it takes a genuine, personal interest in its clients needs. Mannikins that are made for the specific purpose of training people veterinary procedures and life.

They meet the criteria to Refine, Reduce, and Replaceanimals in. Resolution Dynamics, Inc. RDI assists organizations through methodologies such as strategic. The focus is on integrating the organization’s mission, core principles, values,. RDI’s approach to all its organizational. In one end of the spectrum of. This can take the form of contract development and procedures, cost and.

Resource Engineering provides a full lineup of computer-based training programs for quality and. Environmental consulting with an emphasis on pollution prevention, by-product recycling, safety.

Resource International is a leadership training and consulting firm whose mission is to reduce the. Resource Security Consultants, Inc. Corporate and private organizations. Our specialties include security design and risk assessment,. Inscape Publishing learning assessments. We also specialize in creativity and innovation training.

Result Data provides solutions for businesses ranging from software development and reporting. Our approach is to teach and empower our customers with the tools they.

SalesMasters is a division of Results International. We also provide interim sales management. We sell. First incorporated in , Reward Wall Systems, Inc. Reward is the only major ICF manufacturer with two complete and diversified lines of insulating. Reward’s customers include general contractors, residential contractors,. We hold all national and major regional. Reward ICF walls have. With hundreds of distribution points throughout the United.

That means we. A small, woman-owned business providing professional value engineering, design charrettes and.

Process Improvement Associates specializes in rapid, low cost process improvement, based on. Risk Decisions is an independent security consulting firm, providing management with reliable. Our comprehensive services. Investigations: Criminal, Computer Forensics, Civil,. Security consulting and education for airports, companies that utilizes airports, companies that. Also transportation companies. RiskWatch is the leader in Security Risk Assessment software including easy to use products for.

Free Training included. Accepted as meeting all federal and DOD risk assessment. Leading provider of training for the inland towing and passenger vessel industries.

Deck and. Small business and individual computer consulting business. RM Technology Systems Inc is a technology company focusing on critical project deliveries. RM skills are project management, development, functional. In addition, Rmt Group provides facilitation for strategic planning,. We provide general management consulting services, including: strategic, business and action.

Company offers training and products to assist personnel in successful implementation of crisis. Robert York is the managing member who performs the consulting. Covenant Consulting has an alliance with a national team of highly qualified consultants.

We are a Disabled. RDI is known as a leader in safety throughout the demolition industry, because of our. Award Winning Safety Program. Mandatory training for every one of our employees is ongoing,.

Help increase effectiveness and efficiency of operations and results focusing in operations,. Help managers increase their effectiveness. Provides in-house training for improvement of communications and performance. Supplier of remotely operated devices for homeland security, swats, field inspections, nuclear. Hands-on interactive labs with equipment provided as. Supply chain management training and consulting firm offering state-of-the-art technologies and.

Rockwell Collins Collins is a world leader in government and commercial aviation electronics and. Our services division provides full intregrated logistics support including.

Manufacturers representatives for frangible ammunition, training targets, shoot houses, firing. We supply portable showers, laundry, sinks, toilets to remote areas for Forest Service, Military.

Established in , Rods and Cones is the leading provider of color management and digital. Areas of expretise include color management, inkjet proofing systems,. RIPs, press control and optimization. We provide services all over the country and have offices in. Roehrig holds a Ph. Wholesale Distribution to the general population, and to medical, aeronautic, astronautic, and.

ROHN manufactures a complete line of solid and tubular steel towers, flanged and tapered steel. Its analytic capability is receiving interest from operational commands and the Office. Navy for. Monterey, California. A leading international professional services firm currently specializing in humanitarian and. Our portfolio of clients includes: the U.

Petroleum International Ltd. Manufacturer and installer of climbing structures, challenge courses as well as all equipment and. Ross Creative Services, Inc. RCS writes,. RCS is a leader in designing. Large quantities available with fast.

I have a cadre of instructors with various. Classes include lecture and hands-on. RSTI also sells pre-owned diagnostic imaging equipment.

RT Consulting and Training , Inc. We are also certified to provide a series of acquisition. CISSP, etc. We have more than 15 years of training experience.

Contact us filling our the. RTP is a full service environmental consulting firm. REI provides environmental engineering consulting services for compliance with environmental. This includes Environmental. Provides training to Federal managers, supervisors and employees in discipline and performance. Full Face. Founded in by Roberta Margolis, Runway pioneered the use of digital.

Today, Runway continues to set the pace by applying new technologies to the full production. Runway is widely recognized by industry. Its team of. Offers expert advice and hands-on assistance with management, administration, and technology. Areas of consulting include general management audits, office automation design and. Experience with governmental agencies, educational institutions,.

Consulting in identifying barriers, writing affirmative action plans, resolving internal conflicts. Conduct EEO counseling and investigation and provide mediators to resolve disputes.

We offer the following services:. Specialists in metal fabrication, flexible automation, and the design of high production, automated. Solutions for material handling, product efficiency, and cost reduction by designing. Service Disabled Veteran-Owned small business with experience and expertise in all areas of. We have an extensive. Practitioners, Benefits Specialists and Federal employees. In addition to materials designed for. These services include, security plan review and development, physical and network.

We assist in annual security audits to ensure compliance with. Our policies ensure that only the. Small business providing microbiological testing of air and select surfaces in homes, restaurants,. Provide employee training in areas of infection control, proper disinfection,. Safeguards Technology LLC is dedicated to excellence in the area of security consulting, security. States Department of Defense facilities, Department of Energy sites, nuclear power generating. Safeguards Technology is ISO certified to.

Training for General Industry. We provide safety consulting services, such as mentoring, auditing, training, industrial hygiene. Safety Advocates, inc. This service. For the past 20 years, Safety Consulting Engineers, Inc. We hold active member positions at. Safety International, Inc. Sells, Services and rents safety and Environmental equipment.

We have factory certified service techs who can service. Available for both single-user and multi-user network environments. Sevice Connected Diablity. Featuring Personal Protection Equipment, includes fall protection, first aid,. We have also. Business support service that provides small businesses and professionals one-on-one, handson,. Sage Services also provides hourly. SAGE provides meeting facilitation, mediation, consultation and training in conflict resolution for. Our emphasis is in the areas of aging, disability, veterans.

Sagem Avionics, Inc. Services are provided for individuals, small business, educational, government and corporate. Sahara Communications, a minority, woman-owned and operated small business enterprise, is a. We are devoted to keeping the agency vibrant and solid, while keeping our clients. The agency is divided into six. Sales and Management development firm specializing in recruiter training and customer relations. Employee Training Institute is a full-service workforce training and consulting group specializing.

The Company also offers accredited. Services provided by ETi increase productivity, quality. ETi was established in ,. Services include: Contract adult education programs including workforce development and. ETi’s mission is to provide. Our goal is to help our clients create healthy, productive, creative, and adaptive organizations that.

Associates, LLC is a comprehensive organizational development consulting firm, and the portal to. We draw on. Our skills foundation is the discipline of organizational. Our work is grounded in broad systems thinking, such that we approach all of our. We primarily deliver our services on site, and.

As independent senior professionals, we personally perform the work. Our goal is to help our clients create healthy, productive,. We enjoy discussion with leaders about their organizations and the challenges.

Call our offices at or contact us at www. SAVi is a full line audio visual systems integretor offering, equipment, design, installation and. We also provide organization development. Logistics Support. SBI also. We are experienced and proficient in troubleshooting and repairing analytical. Our Scanmail mailscanner and Scanmax cabinet x-ray units are compact, reliable,.

Scanmail screens letters and packages and automatically alarms on. Scantrak incorporates the ease of use, reliability and value for. Scantrak is used by Police, Military, Customs, who need to check suspicious articles on.

Scarlett Consulting, Inc. Providing services in strategic planning, values based approaches and mission and. With demonstrated expertise. SCI helps its clients build capacity and realize greater potential. Our mission is to enhance. Helping businesses and organizations linking the latest in technology, ideas.

ScentAir is the leading provider of safe, effective and accurate scent delivery solutions for. From cockpit simulators to world class hotels,. Our sense of smell is. Aromas trigger memories. Memories influence emotions. And moods dictate reaction.

Woman-owned business, Professional Engineer specializing in environmental, health and safety. Training program creation and delivery in live,. Translation into non-English languages available for video. Specializing in drug, alcohol and adulteration testing products, services and training. Accredited Collection Facility can conduct urine, hair, oral fluids or sweat testing for drugs and.

Our problem solving focus has yeilded over 50 granted patents. We manufacture our. We perform customer training at our headquarters or on your site. Scientia Veritas SV provides healthcare and environmental services. Our Healthcare division’s. Our Environmental division’s services include human health risk assessment, expert. Laboratory and consulting firm servicing the metal finishing industry with analytical testing,.

Scientific Environmental Applications, Inc. SEA incorporated in is a woman owned, small. Environmental sciences: management and policy advice and field studies in terrestrial and marine. Specialties are wildlife biology, range ecology, environmental contaminants, toxicology,.

Services include. Design and Modeling. Hand-held Barcode Scanner Application Services. Training , Mentoring, and. Sealund has. Since , Sealund has provided custom training. Seaport Conference Center provides meeting space, classrooms and computer labs for assorted. Seaport is a full service. Since , our dedication to quality, reliability, effective communication and value-added. Sebesta Blomberg brings a multitude of. We are an. To fit the unique parameters of each project, we put together our.

The result is maximum quality control,. Since , our staff of professionals has applied a team. Our specific areas of experience and education provide relevant,. We offer training in presentation and communication skills. Our superb one day course, Secrets. We offer superb public speaking, presentation and communication skills training that achieves. We have a live one day course with instructors. We also have. Our consultants. The company produces a range of products essential for proper training in the recognition of.

We also provide training courses on explosives, improvised explosive devices, x-. Antiterrorism and force protection risk and vulenerability analysis, design, consultation, training,. If you choose to work with us, you will find professional installation, project management,.

Protect your. Software Security Engineering. SMC provides IT consulting expertise and support services to clients nationwide in a variety of. Prepared Foods, Grocery and Transportation. We are a women-owned IT consulting firm that has.

Our goal has been to perform all tasks as contracted and transfer the. Unlike our large corporate competition we never used our client sites as a training. Systems and organization development includes minimizing barriers that prohibit the maximum. SEJ provides guidance to. SESI offers clients a range of energy efficiency engineering services that includes energy and. Dimensions in conjunction with Texas Tech University. Most training materials consist of a liveaction.

In most states, center directors may. Study materials also available for day. Seminars tailored to fit the needs of the corportation or company. Strong in Conflict Management,. Crisis and Grieving. Social Science. Semper Fi Global Communications Inc is a privately held information security services provider. We focus on delivering total security solutions for businesses harnessing the immense power of.

Internet communications. We audit, design and implement information security solutions in areas. Sencore is a calibration instruments business, providing the best customer sales and support in. Sencore’s provides a straight-forward solution designed to aid technicians or. Sencore offers.

GPR systems. Our products are used worldwide for applications ranging from buried utility. Visualization, delivering advanced solutions for the civil and military, training and research,. Our consulting and review capabilities are. We regularly provide assistance to nonprofit. Corrective Action Project Managers. Full Service environmental consuting firm. Some of the things we do are: -Site Assessmentnal. The global leader in helping organizaitons keep customers and improve the performance of the.

SQI has online. The STG Team offers unique insight at all. Digital Strategies division. The group helps businesses and organizations increase productivity,. Graphic design projects from logo design.


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