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The retrograde origin of composite inclusions due to decomposition of Al-rich bridgmanite may be doubtful because each of observed minerals may represent coexisting HP phases, i. Why Tolbachik diamonds cannot be natural. Abstract: Taking into account recent publications, we provide additional comprehensive evidence that type Ib cuboctahedral diamonds and some other microcrystalline diamonds from Kamchatka volcanic rocks and alluvial placers cannot be natural and undoubtedly represent synthetic materials, which appear in the natural rocks by anthropogenic contamination.

The major arguments provided in favor of the natural origin of those diamonds can be easily disproved. We emphasize the importance of careful comparison of unusual minerals found in nature, which include type Ib cuboctahedral diamonds and super-reduced phase assemblages resembling industrial slags, with synthetic analogs.

The cavitation model proposed for the origin of Tolbachik diamonds is also unreliable since cavitation has only been shown to cause the formation of nanosized diamonds only. Cuboctahedral type lb diamonds in ophiolitic chromitites and peridotites: the evidence for anthropogenic contamination.

Abstract: Here we present trace element compositions of synthetic diamonds, which show spectacular similarity with the compositions of metallic inclusions in type Ib cuboctahedral diamonds in ophiolitic chromitites and peridotites.

The compositions of inclusions in synthetic and ophiolite diamonds closely correspond to Ni:Mn:Co? Thus, we claim for thorough reconsideration of diamonds in ophiolitic rocks and emphasize that most of them appear by anthropogenic contamination.

Graphical abstract: Morphological transition during prograde olivine growth formed by high-pressure dehydration of antigorite-serpentinite to chlorite-harzburgite in a subduction setting. Abstract: Crystal morphologies are essential for deciphering the reaction history of igneous and metamorphic rocks because they often record the interplay between nucleation and growth rates controlled by the departure from equilibrium.

The correlative X-ray? Quantitative textural analysis and mass balance indicate that varied-textured chlorite-harzburgite is the result of a two-stage nucleation and growth of olivine during the progress of the high-P dehydration of antigorite-serpentinite to chlorite-harzburgite reaction. The first stage occurred under a low affinity? Gr and affinity rate? With further progress of the dehydration reaction, a second stage of relatively higher affinity and affinity rate resulted in a higher time-integrated nucleation rate of olivine coeval with a shift from isotropic to anisotropic olivine growth, leading to tabular olivines.

The two-stage evolution resulted in olivine porphyroblasts made up of rounded cores mantled by coronas of tabular olivine grains characteristic of varied-texture chlorite-harzburgite. Although a switch to anisotropic tabular olivine in the second stage is consistent with the relative increase in the affinity and affinity rate, these changes cannot solely account for the growth of Almirez olivine tabular on On the other hand, olivine tabular on is expected in the presence of highly polymerized fluids where inhibited growth of the olivine and interfaces occurs, respectively, due to dissociative and molecular adsorption of water monolayers.

Rounded and tabular olivines in Almirez varied-textured chlorite-harzburgite show differing trace element compositions that we interpret as due to the infiltration of external fluids during antigorite dehydration. Isothermal infiltration of highly polymerized fluids would explain the shift in the affinity and affinity rate of the antigorite dehydration reaction, as well as the olivine morphology tabular on due to the inhibited growth on the and, to a lesser extent, Our study shows that surface-active molecules may play an essential role in shaping the morphology of growing crystals during fluid-present metamorphic crystallization.

Walker, R. Rapid mantle driven uplift along the Angolan margin in the Quaternary. Here we examine the effect of mantle upwelling through a study of Quaternary uplift along the coast of Angola. Using both optically stimulated luminescence on sediment grains, and radiocarbon dating of fossil shells, we date a 25?

Automated extraction and correlation of coastal terrace remnants from digital topography uncovers a symmetrical uplift with diameter of more than 1,? The wavelength and relatively short timescale of the uplift suggest that it is associated with a mantle process, possibly convective upwelling, and that the topography may be modulated by rapid short-lived pulses of mantle-derived uplift.

Our study shows that stable continental regions far from the effects of glacial rebound may experience rapid vertical displacements of several millimetres per year. Crystal chemistry of nephelines from ijolites and nepheline rich pegmatites: influence of composition and genesis on the crystal structure investigated by X-ray diffraction. Overview not specific to mining or geology but interesting article on potential. Geological Society of London, Ennih and Ligeois eds. The Boundaries of the West African Craton.

Detrital pyrope garnets from the El Kseibat area, Algeria: a glimpse into the lithospheric mantle beneath the north-eastern edge of the West African Craton. Detrital pyrope garnets from the El Kseibat area, Algeria: a glimpse into lithospheric mantle beneath the north eastern edge of the west African Craton. Pyrope garnets from the Eglab Shield, Algeria: look inside the Earth’s mantle in the West African Craton and suggestions about primary sources of diamond and indicator minerals.

Vladykin, N. Deep seated magmatism, its sources and plumes, Russian Academy of Sciences , pp. White, M. The relative thermodynamic stability of diamond and graphite. Abstract: Recent density?

Through high? For T DS Yelisseyev, A. Yakutites: are they impact diamonds from the Popigai crater? Abstract: Yakutites are coarse up to 15 mm or larger aggregates dispersed for more than km around the Popigai meteorite crater. They share many features of similarity with impact diamonds found inside the crater, in elemental and phase compositions, texture, and optical properties as revealed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction, and optical spectroscopy Raman, absorption, luminescence and microscopic studies.

The N3 vibronic system appearing in the luminescence spectra of Popigai impact diamonds PIDs indicates a presence of nitrogen impurity and a high-temperature annealing of diamonds that remained in the crater after solid-phase conversion from graphite. Yakutites lack nitrogen-vacancy centers as signatures of annealing, which may indicate quenching at the time of ejection. Thus, both PIDs and yakutites originated during the Popigai impact event and yakutites were ejected to large distances.

Grantham, G. The chemistry of Karoo age andesitic lavas along the northern Mozambique coast, southern Africa and possible implications for Gondwana breakup. Abstract: Major, trace, radiogenic isotope and stable isotope data from lavas along the northeastern coast of Mozambique are described.

The whole rock composition data demonstrate that the rocks are dominantly andesitic with compositions typical of calc-alkaline volcanic rocks from arc environments. Strontium, Nd and Pb radiogenic isotope data support an interpretation of extensive mixing between a Karoo age basaltic magma dolerite from Antarctica and continental crust similar in composition to the Mozambique basement.

Oxygen isotope data also imply a significant crustal contribution to the lavas. Possible tectonic settings for the lavas are at the margin of a plume or from a locally restricted compressional setting during Gondwana breakup processes. They shoot, he scores.. Luigi Giglio has a knack for dodging assassins and finding diamonds Decomposition analysis of the BEAR magnetotelluric data: implications for the upper mantle conductivity in the Fennoscandian Shield.

Three dimensional numerical thermal and rheological modelling in the central Fennoscandian Shield. High resolution magnetotelluric studies of the Archean Proterozoic border zone in the Fennoscandian shield, Finland. Raman micro spectroscopy on diamond, graphite and other carbon polymorphs from the ultrahigh pressure metamorphic Kimi Complex of the Rhodope metamorphic province. Das Suedliche Diamanten gebiet Suedwestafrikas. Die Diamanten wuste Suedwestafrikas. Evidence for different magmatic events in the lithospheric mantle and interaction between peridotite and pyroxenite.

East African Rift. Geochemical characteristics of the Yaoan and Machangqing alkaline rich intrusions in the Ailaoshan Jinshajiang belt, western Yunnan, China. Rai, S. Borah, Kajaljyoti, Das, Gupta, R. Thomas, R. J, Spencer, C. Geochronology of the centra Tanzania craton and its southern and eastern orogenic margins. The geochronology of two studied segments of the craton shows them to be essentially the same, suggesting that they form a contiguous crustal section dominated by granitoid plutons.

The oldest orthogneisses are dated at ca. Plutonism was interrupted by a period of deposition of volcano-sedimentary rocks metamorphosed to greenschist facies, directly dated by a pyroclastic metavolcanic rock which gave an age of ca.

This is supported by detrital zircons from psammitic metasedimentary rocks, which indicate a maximum depositional age of ca. In eastern Tanzania Handeni block , in the heart of the East African Orogen, all the dated orthogneisses and charnockites apart from those of the overthrust Neoproterozoic granulite nappes , have Neoarchaean protolith ages within a narrow range between and Ma, identical to but more restricted than the ages of the Singida Suite.

They show evidence of Ediacaran “Pan-African” isotopic disturbance, but this is poorly defined. In contrast, granulite samples from the Wami Complex nappe were dated at ca. To the south of the Tanzania Craton, samples of orthogneiss from the northern part of the Lupa area were dated at ca. However, granitoid samples from the southern part of the Lupa “block” have Palaeoproterozoic Ubendian intrusive ages of ca. Outcrops further south, at the northern tip of Lake Malawi, mark the SE continuation of the Ubendian belt, albeit with slightly younger ages of igneous rocks ca.

One granitoid gave a crystallisation age of ca. However, while the crust in the Mgazini area was clearly one of original Ubendian age, reworked and intruded by granitoids at ca. Hence the Mgazini area lies at the edge of the Ubendian belt which was re-worked during the Mesoproterozoic orogen South Irumide belt , providing a further constraint on the distribution of ca.

This probably represents the initial depleted mantle extraction event of the cratonic core. This implies the entire Tanzanian crust sampled in this study represents over 3. Our study helps to define the architecture of the Tanzanian Craton and its evolution from a single age-source in the early Eoarchaean. Rare earth element patterns and carbon isotopic composition of carbonados -implications for origin. Biomolecule formation by oceanic impacts on early Earth.

Effect of Al on the stability of dense hydrous magnesium silicate phases to the uppermost lower mantle: implications for water transportation into the deep mantle. Abstract: We have systematically investigated the high-pressure and high-temperature stability of Al-bearing dense hydrous magnesium silicate phases DHMSs in natural chlorite compositions containing?

A chemical mixture similar to Fe-free chlorite was also investigated for comparison. Following the pressure-temperature P-T path of cold subduction, the phase assemblage of phase E? Superhydrous phase B is observed between 16 and 22 GPa coexisting with phase E? Following the P-T path of hot subduction, the phase assemblage of phase E?

The phase assemblage of superhydrous phase B? Our results indicate that, after chlorite decomposition at the shallow region of the subduction zone, the wide stability field of Al-bearing DHMSs can increase the possibility of water transportation into the deep lower mantle. Al partitioning between phase D and bridgmanite at the uppermost lower mantle. Abstract: Phase D is proposed to be the most important hydrous phase at the upper part of the lower mantle, and it has been shown to coexist with bridgmanite Brg , the most abundant mineral and main host for Al2O3 in the lower mantle.

The concentration of Al in Phase D could significantly increase the thermal stability field of Phase D, therefore, partitioning of Al between Brg and Phase D is of particular importance to constrain water distribution in the deep mantle.

Our results indicated that Al distributes strongly into Phase D relative to Brg and the partition coefficient slightly decreases with increasing temperature.

The depth? This may shed new lights on several important geophysical observations in subduction zones. Melting phase relation of Fe-bearing phase D up to the uppermost lower mantle.

However, few experiments have been conducted to determine the stability of PhD in different bulk compositions. Zozulya, D. Lithospheric mantle structure and diamond prospects in the Kola region: chemical and thermobarometric analyses of kimberlite pyrope.

Isotopic study of basaltic dikes in the Nain Plutonic Suite: evidence for enriched mantle sources. Mikhailova, J. Kalashnikov, A. Scandium of the Kovdor baddeleyite apatite magnetite deposit Murmansk region, Russia : mineralogy, spatial distribution, and potential source.

Abstract: The Kovdor baddeleyite-apatite-magnetite deposit in the Kovdor phoscorite-carbonatite pipe is situated in the western part of the zoned alkali-ultrabasic Kovdor intrusion NW part of the Fennoscandinavian shield; Murmansk Region, Russia. We describe major intrusive and metasomatic rocks of the pipe and its surroundings using a new classification of phoscorite-carbonatite series rocks, consistent with the IUGS recommendation.

The gradual zonation of the pipe corresponds to the sequence of mineral crystallization forsterite-hydroxylapatite-magnetite-calcite. Crystal morphology, grain size, characteristic inclusions, and composition of the rock-forming and accessory minerals display the same spatial zonation pattern, as do the three minerals of economic interest, i.

The content of Sr, rare earth elements REEs , and Ba in hydroxylapatite tends to increase gradually at the expense of Si, Fe, and Mg from early apatite-forsterite phoscorite margins of the pipe through carbonate-free, magnetite-rich phoscorite to carbonate-rich phoscorite and phoscorite-related carbonatite inner part.

Magnetite displays a trend of increasing V and Ca and decreasing Ti, Mn, Si, Cr, Sc, and Zn from the margins to the central part of the pipe; its grain size initially increases from the wall rocks to the inner part and then decreases towards the central part; characteristic inclusions in magnetite are geikielite within the marginal zone of the phoscorite-carbonatite pipe, spinel within the intermediate zone, and ilmenite within the inner zone.

The zoning pattern seems to have formed due to both cooling and rapid degassing pressure drop of a fluid-rich magmatic column and subsequent pneumatolytic and hydrothermal processes.

Ivanyuk, G. Economic minerals of the Kovdor baddeleyite apatite magnetite deposit, Russia: mineralogy, spatial distribution and ore processing optimization. The marginal zone of the pipe consists of apatite -forsterite phoscorite carrying fine grains of Ti-Mn-Si-rich magnetite with ilmenite exsolution lamellae, fine grains of Fe-Mg-rich apatite and finest grains of baddeleyite, enriched in Mg, Fe, Si and Mn.

The intermediate zone accommodates carbonate-free magnetite-rich phoscorites that carry medium to coarse grains of Mg-Al-rich magnetite with exsolution inclusions of spinel, medium-grained pure apatite and baddeleyite. The axial zone hosts carbonate-rich phoscorites and phoscorite-related carbonatites bearing medium-grained Ti-V-Ca-rich magnetite with exsolution inclusions of geikielite-ilmenite, fine grains of Ba-Sr-Ln-rich apatite and comparatively large grains of baddeleyite, enriched in Hf, Ta, Nb and Sc.

The collected data enable us to predict such important mineralogical characteristics of the multicomponent ore as chemical composition and grain size of economic and associated minerals, presence of contaminating inclusions, etc. We have identified potential areas of maximum concentration of such by-products as scandium, niobium and hafnium in baddeleyite and REEs in apatite. Economic minerals of the Kovdor baddeleyite apatite magnetite deposit, Russia: mineralogy, spatial distribution and ore procesing optimization.

Rare earth deposits of the Murmansk region, Russia – a review. Abstract: This paper reviews the available information on the geology, mineralogy, and resources of the significant rare earth element REE deposits and occurrences in the Murmansk Region, northwest Russia. The measured and indicated REE2O3 resources of all deposits in the region total The most important resources occur in 1 the currently mined Khibiny titanite-apatite deposits, and 2 the Lovozero loparite-eudialyte deposit.

The Kovdor baddeleyite-apatite-magnetite deposit is a potentially important resource of scandium. These deposits all have polymetallic ores, i. With the exception of the Afrikanda perovskite-magnetite deposit LREE in perovskite and the Kovdor baddeleyite-apatite-magnetite deposit scandium in baddelyite , carbonatite-bearing complexes of the Murmansk Region appear to have limited potential for REE by-products.

The sound transport, energy, and mining infrastructure of the region are important factors that will help ensure future production of the REE. Panikorovskii, T. Zr-rich eudialyte from the Lovozero peralkaline massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia. Eudialyte from the Alluaiv Mt. The detailed study of the chemical composition microprobe analyses of EGMs from the drill cores of the Mt. Sun, J. The origin of low-MgO eclogite xenoliths from Obnazhennaya kimberlite, Siberian craton.

These eclogites contain two types of compositionally distinct garnet: granular coarse garnet, and garnet exsolution lamellae and fine-grained garnet in clinopyroxene. The former record higher temperatures at lower pressures than the latter, which record the last stage of equilibrium at moderate pressure-temperature conditions 2. Although derived from the garnet stability field, these rocks have low-pressure cumulate protoliths containing plagioclase, olivine, and clinopyroxene as reflected by pronounced positive Eu and Sr anomalies in all eclogites, and low heavy rare earth element HREE contents in both minerals and reconstructed bulk rocks for a number of samples.

Major elements, transition metals, and the HREE compositions of the reconstructed whole rocks are analogous to modern oceanic gabbro cumulates. Despite geochemical signatures supporting an oceanic crust origin, mantle-like? The origin of low-MgO eclogite xenoliths from Obnazhennaya kimberlite, Siberia craton. Abstract: The petrology, mineral major and trace element concentrations, and garnet oxygen isotopic composition of low-MgO wt.

These eclogites equilibrated at moderate pressure-temperature conditions 2. C at the time of entrainment. We therefore suggest that the Obnazhennaya low-MgO eclogites may represent the gabbroic section of subducted or foundered basaltic crust that underwent continued partial melting processes at high pressures where garnet was the main residual phase.

Kostrovitsky, S. The exceptionally fresh Udachnaya -East kimberlite: evidence for brine and evaporite contamination. The nature of phlogopite – ilmenite and ilmenite parageneses in deep seated xenoliths from Udachnaya kimberlite pipe. Abstract: The article describes the petrography and mineralogy of xenoliths ilmenite-phlogopite containing deformed and granular peridotites from the Udachnaya-Eastern pipe.

The age of pholopite porphyroclast from the studied deformed xenoliths matches with age of Phl megacryst and itself hosted kimberlites from Udachnaya pipe indicating the following processes closed in time: 1 crystallization of the low-Cr megacryst association; 2 deformation of rocks on the mantle lithosphere-asthenosphere border during the kimberlite-forming cycle; 3 formation of protokimberlite melts.

Regularities of spatial association of major endogenous uranium deposits and kimberlitic dykes in the uranium ore regions of the Ukrainian Shield.

Ashchepkov, I. Incompatible element enriched mantle lithosphere beneath kimberlitic pipes in Priazovie Ukrainian shield: volatile enriched focused melt flow and connection to mature crust? Abstract: Major, minor and trace element compositions of mantle xenocrysts from Devonian kimberlite pipes in the Priazovie give an insight into the mantle structure beneath the SE Ukranian Shield and its evolution.

Garnets yield low temperature conditions as determined by monomineral thermobarometry. The mantle lithosphere is sharply divided at 4.

Seven layers are detected: Ist layer at 2. IIId at 4. IVth at 3. Garnets from 6. A possible reason for LILE HFSE and enrichment of the upper part of the mantle is subduction metasomatsm in Archaean times with participation of mature continental sediments activated by plumes at 1. Ashchepkov, V. Incompatible element-enriched mantle lithosphere beneath kimberlitic pipes in Proazovie, Ukrainian shield: volatile enriched focused melt flow and connection to mature crust? Metasomatic features in the mantle xenoliths from Obnajennaya kimberlite pipe – the mineral composition evidence.

Abstract: The modal metasomatic alteration for lithosphere mantle may be investigated using mantle xenoliths from kimberlite pipes. The mantle xenoliths from upper-Jurassic Obnajennaya kimberlite pipe Kuoika field, Yakutia were studied. Three main xenoliths groups in Obnajennaya pipe were distinguished based on the petrographic and geochemical features: 1. The clinopyroxene distribution curves demonstrate the wide range of values and altered samples show higher content HFSE group elements that primary clinopyroxene.

The increasing of HFSE and rare earth element concentrations can also be traced by the amphibole chemical composition. The high? O18 for garnet and clinopyroxene 5. This group are charactetrized are ferrous mineral composition. Silicate melt and fluid inclusions in olivine phenocryst from the Gataia lamproite Banat, Romania.

A melt evolution model for Kerimasi volcano, Tanzania: evidence from carbonate melt inclusions in jacupirangite.

Petrographic observations and geochemical data show that during jacupirangite crystallization, a CaO-rich and alkali-“poor” carbonate melt relative to Oldoinyo Lengai natrocarbonatite existed and was entrapped in the precipitating magnetite, forming primary melt inclusions, and was also enclosed in previously crystallized clinopyroxene as secondary melt inclusions.

The composition of the trapped carbonate melts in magnetite and clinopyroxene are very similar to the parental melt of Kerimasi calciocarbonatite; i. Significant compositional variation is shown by the major minerals of Kerimasi plutonic rocks afrikandite, jacupirangite and calciocarbonatite. Magnetite and clinopyroxene in the jacupirangite are typically transitional in composition between those of afrikandite and calciocarbonatite.

These data suggest that the jacupirangite represents an intermediate stage between the formation of afrikandite and calciocarbonatite. Jacupirangite most probably formed when immiscible silicate and carbonate melts separated from the afrikandite body, although the carbonate melt was not separated completely from the silicate melt fraction.

Volatiles were incorporated principally in nyerereite, shortite, burbankite, nahcolite and sulfohalite as identified by Raman spectrometry. These extremely unstable minerals cannot be found in the bulk rock, because of alteration by secondary processes.

On the basis of these data, an evolutionary model is developed for Kerimasi plutonic rocks. The composition of the trapped carbonate melts in magnetite and clinopyroxene is very similar to the parental melt of Kerimasi calciocarbonatite; i. A melt evolution for Kerimasi volcano, Tanzania: evidence from carbonate melt inclusions in jacupirangite.

Abstract: The use of confocal HR-Raman mapping opens new perspectives in studying melt inclusions. Our major goal is to show advantages of this powerful technique through case studies carried out on alkaline and carbonatite rocks of Kerimasi volcano East African Rift. Raman spectrometry is one of the few methods that enable qualitative nondestructive analysis of both solid and fluid phases, therefore it is widely used for the identification of minerals and volatiles within melt and fluid inclusions.

For better understanding of petrogenetic processes in carbonatite systems it is essential to find all mineral phases in the melt inclusions trapped in intrusive or volcanic rocks. Previous Raman spectroscopic point measurements in melt inclusions revealed the presence of daughter phases e.

Raman 3D mapping were applied on unheated multiphase melt inclusions of intrusive and volcanic rocks with high spatial resolution XY plane DS Geological setting and petrographic diversity of the lamproite dykes at the northern and north eastern margin of the Cuddapah Basin, southern India.

New dat a on the age of the concentrically zoned dunite pyroxenite intrusions in the Ural platiniferous belt. Depletion of niobium relative to other highly incompatible elements by melt rock reaction in the upper mantle.

Gaubas, E. Lateral scan profiles of the recombination parameters correlated with distribution of grown-in impurities in HPHT diamond. The internal structure of yellow cuboid diamonds from alluvial placers of the northeastern Siberian platform. Abstract: Yellow cuboid diamonds are commonly found in diamondiferous alluvial placers of the Northeastern Siberian platform. Most of these crystals have typical resorption features and do not preserve primary growth morphology.

The resorption leads to an evolution from an originally cubic shape to a rounded tetrahexahedroid. Specific fibrous or columnar internal structure of yellow cuboid diamonds has been revealed. Most of them are strongly deformed. Rare earth elements in the metamorphic rock complexes of the Key vyastructure of the Kola Peninsula.

Kupriyanov, I. Homogenization of carbonate bearing Micro inclusions in diamond at P-T parameters of the upper mantle. The results mainly show that the carbonate phases, the daughter phases in partially crystallized microinclusions in diamonds, may undergo phase transformations under the mantle P-T conditions.

Most likely, partial melting and further dissolution of dolomite in the carbonate-silicate melt homogenization of inclusions occur in inclusions. However, it should be noted that the effect of selective capture of inclusions with partial loss of volatiles in relation to the composition of the crystallization medium is not excluded during the growth.

Nadolly, V. Formation features of N3V centers in diamonds from the Kholomolokh placer in the Northeast Siberian craton. Abstract: In recent years, despite significant progress in the development of new methods for the synthesis of diamond crystals and in their post-growth treatment, many questions remain unclear about the conditions for the formation and degradation of aggregate impurity nitrogen forms.

Meanwhile, they are very important for understanding evaluating the origin, age, and post-growth conditions of natural diamonds. In the present work, an attempt was made to analyze the causes of the formation of high concentrations of N3V centers in natural IaB-type diamonds from the Kholomolokh placer the Northeast Siberian craton. The possibility of decay of B centers during the plastic deformation of diamonds is analyzed and experiments on the high-temperature annealing of diamonds containing B centers are reported.

The formation of N3V centers during the destruction of the B centers at high-pressure annealing of crystals has been established by experiment. It is assumed that, in the post-growth period, diamond crystals were exposed to tectono-thermal stages of raising the superplumes of the Earth’s crust of the Siberian craton.

Eclogitic diamonds from variable crustal protoliths in the northeastern Siberian Craton: trace elements and coupled Delta13C-delta signatures in diamonds and garnet inclusions. Silicate melt inclusions in diamonds of eclogite paragenesis from placers on the northeastern Siberian craton. Abstract: New findings of silicate-melt inclusions in two alluvial diamonds from the Kholomolokh placer, northeastern Siberian Platform are reported. Raman spectral analysis revealed that the composite inclusions consist of clinopyroxene and silicate glass.

Hopper crystals of clinopyroxene were observed using scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive spectroscopic analyses; these are different in composition from the omphacite inclusions that co-exist in the same diamonds.

These composite inclusions are primary melt that partially crystallised at the cooling stage. Hopper crystals of clinopyroxene imply rapid cooling rates, likely related to the uplift of crystals in the kimberlite melt.

The reconstructed composition of such primary melts suggests that they were formed as the product of metasomatised mantle. Mixed habit type Ib-IaA diamond from an Udachnaya eclogite. Abstract: The variety of morphology and properties of natural diamonds reflects variations in the conditions of their formation in different mantle environments.

This study presents new data on the distribution of impurity centers in diamond type Ib-IaA from xenolith of bimineral eclogite from the Udachnaya kimberlite pipe. The high content of non-aggregated nitrogen C defects in the studied diamonds indicates their formation shortly before the stage of transportation to the surface by the kimberlite melt. The observed sectorial heterogeneity of the distribution of C- and A-defects indicates that aggregation of nitrogen in the octahedral sectors occurs faster than in the cuboid sectors.

Local variations in carbon isotopes and nitrogen contents in diamonds from placers of the northeastern portion of the Siberian Platform.

Carbon isotopes and nitrogen contents in placer diamonds from the NE Siberian craton: implications for diamond origins. Diamondiferous subcontinental lithospheric mantle of the northeastern Siberian craton: evidence from mineral inclusions in alluvial diamonds. Diamondiferous subcontinental lithospheric mantle of the northeastern Siberian Craton: evidence from mineral inclusions in alluvial diamonds.

Kapchan Fold Belt Olenek Province. Regular cuboid diamonds from placers on the northeastern Siberian platform.

Abstract: Alluvial placers of the northeastern Siberian Platform are characterized by a specific diamond population: regular cuboids, forming a continuous color series from yellowish-green to yellow and dark orange. This is the first comprehensive study of a large number of cuboid diamonds focusing on their morphology, N content and aggregation state, photoluminescence, C isotopic composition and inclusions. The cuboids are cubic i. The cathodolominescence images and the birefringence patterns show that many cuboid diamonds record deformation.

The cuboid diamonds are characterized by unusual FTIR spectra with the presence of C- single nitrogen atom and A- pair of neighbour nitrogen atoms centers, and two centers of unknown origin, termed X and Y. The presence of single substitutional nitrogen defects C centers in all cuboid diamonds testifies either storage in the mantle at relatively cool conditions or formation just prior to eruption of their host kimberlites. The cuboid diamonds show a wide range of carbon isotope compositions from mantle-like values towards strongly 13C depleted compositions?

Combined with the finding of an eclogitic sulfide inclusion, the light carbon isotope compositions link the formation of the studied cuboids to deeply subducted basic protoliths, i. Spectroscopic evidence of the origin of brown and pink diamonds family from Internatsionalnaya kimberlite pipe Siberian craton.

Physics and Chemistry of Minerals , Vol. Abstract: New spectroscopic data were obtained to distinguish the specific features of brown and pink diamonds from Internatsionalnaya kimberlite pipe Siberian craton. It is shown that pink and brown samples differ markedly in the content and degree of aggregation of nitrogen defects. Pink diamonds generally have higher nitrogen content and a lower aggregation state compared to brown samples, which often show significant variations in nitrogen content and aggregation state between different growth zones.

The and nm luminescent centres, which are signs of deformed brown diamonds, are absent or of low intensity in pink diamonds implying that high nitrogen content predominantly in A form in the pink diamonds had stiffened the diamonds against natural plastic deformation.

The GR1 centre, formed by a neutrally charged vacancy, was observed only in pink diamonds, which may be due to their formation and storage in the mantle at lower-temperature conditions.

Mineral inclusions indicate peridotitic and eclogitic paragenesis for studied brown and pink diamonds, respectively. Zemnukhov, A. Subduction related population of diamonds in Yakutian placers, northeastern Siberian platform.

Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology , Vol. Abstract: The 35 paired diamond intergrowths of rounded colorless transparent and gray opaque crystals from the placers of northeastern Siberian Platform were investigated. The majority of studied samples have uniform ranges of nitrogen content at. These characteristics pointing towards subducted material are possible sources for their genesis.

Two samples consist of a gray opaque crystal with the subduction-related characteristics? The higher degree of nitrogen aggregation in the crystals with mantle-like characteristics testifies their longer storage in the mantle conditions. These samples reflect multistage diamond growth history and directly indicate the mixing of mantle and subduction carbon sources at the basement of subcontinental lithospheric mantle of northeastern Siberian Platform.

Zedgenizov, D. Diamond forming HDFs tracking episodic mantle metasomatism beneath Nyurbinskaya kimberlite pipe Siberian craton. Abstract: We present a new dataset on the composition of high-density fluids HDFs in cloudy n?

These diamonds represent different populations each showing distinct growth histories. The cores of coated diamonds display multiple growth stages and contrasting sources of carbon. Fibrous coats and cuboid diamonds have similar carbon isotopes and nitrogen systematics, suggesting their formation in the last metasomatic events related to kimberlite magmatism, as is common for most such diamonds worldwide. The HDFs in most of these diamonds span a wide range from low-Mg carbonatitic to hydrous silicic compositions.

The major- and trace-element variations suggest that the sources for such HDFs range in composition between the depleted mantle and more fertile mantle reservoirs. Hydrous-silicic HDFs could originate from a 13C-enriched source, which originates through subduction of crustal metasedimentary material. Percolation of such HDFs through carbonated eclogites and peridotites facilitates the formation of cuboid diamonds and fibrous coats in the mantle section beneath the corresponding area of the Siberian craton.

Cloudy diamonds represent an apparently older population, reflecting continuous diamond formation predominantly from high-Mg carbonatitic HDFs that caused discrete episodes of diamond precipitation. Their high Mg and enrichment in incompatible elements support a metasomatized peridotitic source for these HDFs. Alkaline ultramafic rocks in the pipes of the Tersky coast of Kola Peninsula- a new type of Paleozoic magmatism. Alkalic ultramafics in diatremes on the Terskiy coast of the KolaPeninsula: a new type of Paleozoic magmatism.

Diamonds and associated minerals in kimberlites and loose sediments of Tersky shore Kola Peninsula. Buikin, A. Distribution of mantle and atmospheric argon in mantle xenoliths from western Arabian Peninsula: constraints on timing and composition of metasomatizing agents Solomatova, N.

Equation of state and spin crossover of Mg,Fe O at high pressure, with implications for explaining topographic relief at the core mantle boundary. Kolonrect Kolonwirt. Results of the preliminary geological and mineralogical investigations for the discovery of diamonds and precious stones in the Qishon basin area.

Simakov, S. Assessment of Diamondiferous perspectives of east European Platform according to the dat a of sounding On the robustness of estimates of mechanical anisotropy in the continental lithosphere: a North American case study and global reanalysis.

Plethean, J. Madagascar’s escape from Africa: a resolution plate reconstruction for the Western Somali Basin and for supercontinent dispersal. Abstract: Accurate reconstructions of the dispersal of supercontinent blocks are essential for testing continental breakup models.

Here, we provide a new plate tectonic reconstruction of the opening of the Western Somali Basin during the breakup of East and West Gondwana. The model is constrained by a new comprehensive set of spreading lineaments, detected in this heavily sedimented basin using a novel technique based on directional derivatives of free-air gravity anomalies.

Vertical gravity gradient and free-air gravity anomaly maps also enable the detection of extinct mid-ocean ridge segments, which can be directly compared to several previous ocean magnetic anomaly interpretations of the Western Somali Basin. The best matching interpretations have basin symmetry around the M0 anomaly; these are then used to temporally constrain our plate tectonic reconstruction.

The reconstruction supports a tight fit for Gondwana fragments prior to breakup, and predicts that the continent-ocean transform margin lies along the Rovuma Basin, not along the Davie Fracture Zone DFZ as commonly thought. According to our reconstruction, the DFZ represents a major ocean-ocean fracture zone formed by the coalescence of several smaller fracture zones during evolving plate motions as Madagascar drifted southwards, and offshore Tanzania is an obliquely rifted, rather than transform, margin.

New seismic reflection evidence for oceanic crust inboard of the DFZ strongly supports these conclusions. Our results provide important new constraints on the still enigmatic driving mechanism of continental rifting, the nature of the lithosphere in the Western Somali Basin, and its resource potential.

X-ray tomographic study of spatial distribution of Micro inclusions in natural fibrous diamonds. Paleoproterozoic Ma rift related volcanism in the Hekla Sund region, field occurrence, geochemistry. Age of rocks, structures and metamorphism in the Nagssugtoqidian Mobile belt – fold and lead isotope evidence. Archean and Proterzoic crust in Northwest Greenland: evidence from Rubidium-Strontium whole rock age determinations. Geochemistry, tectonic setting, poly orogenic history of Paleoproterozoic basement rocks from Caledonian belt.

Geochemistry and tectonic significance of peridotitic and metakomatiitic rocks from Us suit area. Upton, B. The Mesoproterozoic Zig-Zag Dal basalts and associated intrusions of eastern North Greenland: mantle plume lithosphere interaction.

Micro-Raman spectroscopy assessment of chemical compounds of mantle clinopyroxenes. Abstract: The composition of clinopyroxenes is indicative for chemical and physical properties of mantle substrates. The chemical composition of studied clinopyroxenes shows wide variations indicating their origin in different mantle lithologies. The peak position of the stretching vibration mode? These correlations may be used for rough estimation of these compounds using the non-destructive Raman spectroscopy technique.

Sharygin, I. Relics of deep alkali-carbonate melt in the mantle xenolith from the Komosomolskaya-Magnitnaya kimberlite pipe Upper Muna field, Yakutia.

Abstract: The results of study secondary crystallized melt inclusions in olivine of a sheared peridotite xenolith from the Komsomolskaya-Magnitnaya kimberlite pipe Upper Muna field, Yakutia are reported. The abundance of alkali carbonates in the inclusions indicates the alkali-carbonate composition of the melt. Previously, identical inclusions of alkali-carbonate melt were reported in olivine of sheared peridotites from the Udachnaya pipe Daldyn field.

Melt inclusions in sheared peridotites are the relics of a crystallized kimberlite melt that penetrated into peridotites either during the transport of xenoliths to the surface or directly in the mantle shortly prior to the entrapment of xenoliths by the kimberlite magma.

If the second scenario took place, the finds of alkali-carbonate melt inclusions in sheared peridotites carried from different mantle depths in the Udachnaya and Komsomolskaya-Magnitnaya kimberlite pipes indicate a large-scale metasomatic alteration of the lithospheric mantle of the Siberian Craton by alkaline-carbonate melts, which preceded the kimberlite magmatism. However, regardless of which of the two models proposed above is correct, the results reported here support the alkali-carbonate composition of primary kimberlite melts.

Perepelov, A. Keulen, N. Formation, origin and geographic typing of corundum ruby and pink sapphire from the Fiskenaesst complex, Greenland. Abstract: Metamorphic petrology observations on rubies found in-situ in their host-rock are combined with geochemical measurements and optical microscopy observations on the same rubies, with the aim of connecting the ruby-forming metamorphic reaction to a unique fingerprint for these minerals.

Isochemical pressure-temperature sections were calculated based on electron microprobe and whole-rock geochemistry analyses, and compared to field observations. In order to establish the unique fingerprint for this ruby-bearing ultramafic complex, laser-ablation inductively-coupled-plasma mass-spectrometry trace-element measurements, oxygen isotope compositions, optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy were applied.

Results for other Greenland localities are presented and discussed as well. Even though these are derived from ultramafic rock settings too, they record different trace-element ratios and oxygen isotope values, resulting from variations in the Archaean ruby-forming reaction.

Melting of iron silicon alloy up to the core mantle boundary pressure: implications to the thermal structure of the Earth’s core. The reactions in the MgCO3-SiO2 system in the slabs subducted into the lower mantle and formation of deep diamond. Abstract: Diamond is an evidence for carbon existing in the deep Earth.

Some diamonds are considered to have originated at various depth ranges from the mantle transition zone to the lower mantle. These diamonds are expected to carry significant information about the deep Earth.

GPa and 3,? K using a double sided laser-heated diamond anvil cell combined with in situ synchrotron X-ray diffraction. These observations suggested that the reaction of the MgCO3 phase II with SiO2 causes formation of super-deep diamond in cold slabs descending into the deep lower mantle.

Tanaka, R. The sound velocity of wustite at high pressures: implications for low-velocity anomalies at the base of the lower mantle. Abstract: The longitudinal sound velocity VP and the density?

GPa and temperatures of up to ? K using both inelastic X-ray scattering and X-ray diffraction combined with a laser-heated diamond-anvil cell. The linear relationship between VP and? Osovetskii, B. Trace element analysis and U-Pb geochronology of perovskite and its importance for tracking unexposed rare metal and diamond deposits.

Significance of halogens F, Cl in kimberlite melts: insights from mineralogy and melt inclusions in the Roger pipe Ekati, Canada. Abstract: The abundance and distribution of halogens F, Cl are rarely recorded in kimberlites and therefore their petrogenetic significance is poorly constrained.

Halogens are usually present in kimberlite rocks in the structure of phlogopite and apatite, but their original concentrations are never fully retained due to the effects of alteration. To provide new constraints on the origin and evolution of halogens in kimberlites and their melts, we present a detailed study of the petrography and geochemistry of the late-Cretaceous Group-I or archetypal Roger kimberlite Ekati cluster, Canada.

The studied samples contain abundant anhedral-to-euhedral olivine which is set in a crystalline groundmass of monticellite, phlogopite, apatite, spinel i. The Roger kimberlite is characterised by the highest recorded F-content up to ppm of the Ekati cluster kimberlites, which is reflected by the preservation of F-rich phases, where bultfonteinite Ca4 Si2O7 F, OH 2 and fluorite commonly replace olivine. In order to examine the composition and evolution of the kimberlite melt prior to post-magmatic processes, we studied melt inclusions in olivine, Cr-spinel, monticellite and apatite.

Comparisons between halogens and other trace elements of similar compatibility i. Abersteiner, A. Monticellite in group I kimberlites: implications for evolution of parallel melts and post emplacement CO2 degassing.

Leslie, Pipe 1. To provide new constraints on the petrogenesis of monticellite and its potential significance to kimberlite melt evolution, we examine the petrography and geochemistry of the minimally altered hypabyssal monticellite-rich Leslie Canada and Pipe 1 Finland kimberlites. Integrating magnetic and gravity for mapping the Earth structure using color scheme: a case study of Botswana. Xenoliths in kimberlite, melilitite and carbonatite dykes from the East Sayan foothill carbonatite complex.

Age significance of uranium-thorium-lead zircon dat a from early Archean rocks of West Greenland – a reassessment based.

Westward continuation of the craton-Limpopo Belt tectonic break in Zimbabwe and new age constraints.. Westward continuation of the craton-Limpopo Belt tectonic break and new age constraints of the thrusting. An exsolution origin for Archaean mantle garnet. Abstract: It is now well established that the cratonic sub-continental lithospheric mantle SCLM represents a residue of extensively melted fertile peridotite. The widespread occurrence of garnet in the Archaean SCLM remains a paradox because many experiments agree that garnet is exhausted beyond c.

It has been suggested that garnet may have formed by exsolution from Al-rich orthopyroxene [1,2,3]. However, the few examples of putative garnet exsolution in cratonic samples remain exotic and have not afforded a link to garnet that occurs as distinct grains in granular harzburgite.

Garnet lamellae within the megacryst show crystallographic continuity and have a strong fabric relative to the host orthopyroxene, strongly indicating that the megacryst formed by exsolution. Garnet lamellae are sub-calcic Cr-pyropes with sinusoidal rare earth element patterns, while the orthopyroxene host is high-Mg enstatite; the reconstructed precursor is clinoestatite.

The megacryst shows evidence for disintegrating into granular peridotite, and garnet and orthopyroxene within the granular peridotite are texturally and chemically identical to equivalent phases in the megacryst. Collectively, this evidence supports a common origin for the granular and exsolved portions of the sample.

The compositions of the exsolved Cr pyrope and enstatite are typical of harzburgites and depleted lherzolites from the SCLM. Furthermore, garnet inclusions within orthopyroxene in several granular peridotites exhibit the same fabric as those in the exsolved megacryst.

We hypothesise that clinoenstatite was a common phase in cratonic SCLM and that exsolution is the likely origin of many sub-calcic garnets in depleted peridotites. Growth of subcontinental lithospheric mantle beneath Zimbabwe started at or before 3. Age significance of uranium-thorium-lead-zircon dat a from early Archean rocks of West Greenland – a reassessment..

Fluid mobile trace element constraints on the role of slab melting and implications for Archean crustal growth models. Lamproites from Gaussberg, Antartica: possible transition zone melts of Archean subducted sediments. Lamproites from Gaussberg, Antarctica: possible transition zone melts of Archean subducted sediments. A refined solution to Earth’s hidden niobium: implications for evolution of continental crust and mode of core formation.

Mantle and crustal processes in the Hadean and Archean: evidence for the onset of subduction at 3. A review of isoptopic and trace element evidence for mantle and crustal processes in the Hadean and Archean: implications for the onset of plate tectonic subduction.

Majoritic garnet: a new approach to pressure estimation of shock events in meteorites and the encapsulation of sub-lithospheric inclusions in diamonds. Documents are assembled from needs. For example, you could turn a reference or etiquette manual into hypertext, with links from soup spoons in the appetizers chapter to dessert spoons from the dessert chapter.

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This is why these disks can be sealed inside their enclosures And it s why we re able to service our DASDs fast.. It all adds up to greater productivity.

For specs on our full line, call your local Amdahl representative. The Hobbs Group, P. Box , S. Techpro, P. Box , Springfield, Va. Bridgeware operates as a stand-alone application. MS-DOS 2. Other features include a rewritten source-entry utility and an 8-million-record limit. California Software, N. A code-generating graphics editor called Drawbridge has been introduced by Courseware Applications, Inc.

Drawbridge automatically generates the source code required to create graphics displays. Graphics objects available include arcs, boxes, circles, lines and polygons. They may be in color and can be either outlined or painted. A built-in text editor allows the addition of text to graphics displays.

It automates new or modified application testing, from simple program tests to the most complicated stress testing. The automated logging function permanently stores the screen dialogues on a file. You can then browse and customize your test stream dialogues with a variety of powerful on-line edit and utility functions.

VERIFY is then ready to retest any portion of your system, giving you the flexibility to control the application mix, input values and arrival rate of the transactions to be re-executed on CICS. Through an on-line menu display, you can see the exact differences VERIFY discovers during its interactive comparison.

And respond immediately with two full menus of mismatch processing options. It helps you get it right the first time. The V 2 -in. Emerald Systems, Mo- rena Blvd. Nth Group, P. Box , West Hills, Calif. Information Storage, Inc. Features include self-loading and self-threading.

M4 Data, Building 14, N. A series of internal hard disk drives for Apple Computer, Inc. Macintosh computers has been announced by the Rodime, Inc. Peripheral System Division. Both offer average seek times of 28 msec, and both have embedded SCSI controllers. Rodime, Suite , Chagrin Blvd. You can take the Macintosh SE for a test drive. Or experience the blazing speed of the Macintosh H.

Based on the processor, the newest Macintosh has color for vivid graphics, and open architecture for maximum expandability of memory to handle the biggest jobs. Most importantly, youll find out about the new connection between IBM and Apple! About DOS compatibility cards and the new option of emulation. Youll even learn how Macintosh talks with IBM mainframes.

For our Macintosh Week event schedule, contact your local Businessland Center. To find the one nearest you, call Macintosh is a trademark of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Businessland is an authorized Apple dealer. Text editing is done on the composed page in a what-you-see-is- what-you-get format. Canon U. A in. The monitor has a 0. Tatung, El Presidio St. The device can scan both halftone photographs and line-art drawings in one pass. Interfacing the Apple Computer, Inc.

Microtek Labs, S. Western Ave. Three models are available. All feature two full-length, eight-bit IBM Personal Computer slots, two plug-in expansion adapters, K bytes of random-access I memory, four asynchronous serial shar- j ing ports, one serial printer port and one parallel pinter port.

Model 2, with a 1. Page Reader supports the formats of such word processing programs as Micro- pro International Corp. Page Reader has a built-in sheet feeder that enables it to read stacks of up to five typewritten pages.

While the scanner is operating, users can continue to use the personal computer for other tasks. Saba Technologies, S. Gemini Drive, Beaverton, Ore.

Cornerstone, A E. Tasman Drive, Sanjose, Calif. Board-level devices General Computer Corp. It automatically detects and repairs system abends and loops on-line. And since diagnostic data is available on-line or in a complete, concise report, you reduce the need to wade through large portions of lengthy system dumps. Get the only CICS stabilizer around. Because PowerHouse supports these vendors’ relational databases as well as their dominant file systems, many of the problems associated with adopting a relational DBMS are solved.

No matter which hardware or databases you use, you’re guaranteed integration, compatibility and performance, and ‘production’ development power. All this, on top of improved productivity.

Integate new applications with existing data New applications built in a third party DBMS won’t necessarily integrate with your existing data. That means you’re not locked-in to a proprietary DBMS and locked-out’ of your existing data.

You enjoy the combination of a fast-execution language and databases optimized by your computer manufacturer. And wherever they take their hardware and software — your applications and data will go, too.

Development power for ‘production PowerHouse gives you the total development capability in one language, and not a collection of weak DBMS utilities and interfaces. Regardless of which database you’re using, PowerHouse gives you advanced, dictionary-driven development power to prototype and build ‘production’ commercial applications. Call any of our 38 Cognos offices around the world and find out why 7, customer sites solve their problems with PowerHouse.

And Cognos has a full service organization to back you up. In Canada, call Cognos and PowerHouse are registered trademarks of Cognos Incorporated. Hyper net 2. General Computer, First St.

Conographic Corp. Conographic, Fitch, Irvine, Calif. Hewlett-Packard Co. Mouse and improved system integration under HP Windows. Revision 1. It is keyboard-selectible for 8M or 16MHz and features one bit memory slot and five bit and two 8-bit expansion slots. CSS Laboratories, S. Ritchey St. Safe Power Systems, W. Clary, W. Clary Ave. Tilt and swivel base.

An easier set-up mode. Our dual resolution mode lets you retain full VT compatibility and shift from DEC resolution to hi res. When it comes to quality and value in terminals, we wrote the book. Tferminal Census. CW CHART ing from security breaches has mounted with the proliferation of effective network analysis tools that let outsiders tap in and monitor data on the network, Russell said.

Vista-Gate was co-developed with Communications Solutions, Inc. Direct access to Profs will be announced within the next six months, according to a Data- point spokesman. Virtually every new computer supports C, and portable programs created with the mainframe compiler under OS or CMS will run on any other machine with a C compiler.

And you can use C, instead of assembler, to develop small and fast subroutines called from other languages. We designed the compiler listing and cross-reference to make programs easy to follow and errors easy to find. Especially when you can get a better terminal for less. From the people who brought you advanced 3X communications in the first place. The result? The IDEA ! With three product versions that offer you a range of features. So you only pay for the features you need. Such as greater system printer emulation, including the Support for any popular PC printer without special cartridges or programming.

The IDEA Call us at for a preview. National Seminconductor Corp. Ericsson in the area of intelligent networking. With no guest operating systems. No hardware restrictions — from to 43XX to 30XX and all compatibles. So why delay? Structured design strategies and UFO’s development system enable us to deliver these systems on time and on budget.

Using UFO in this manner has allowed Stroh to develop sophisticated applications quickly, because our developers can concentrate on solving business problems. We developed one system with UFO that employed a series of 33 integrated on-line screens in six months.

With UFO, two of us did in three years what we thought would take us six years with conventional on-line coding. All done with UFO.

Data is more current, with far less errors. They come from very different backgrounds: retailing, education, manufacturing, insurance. And, one of their standards is timely delivery of on-line applications—which gives them something else in common.

Developing programs, testing them interactively, and seeing the effect of changes immediately, with the most advanced on-line applications development system available, UFO Productivity System from On-Line Software International.


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