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You can now create provisioning packages to bulk enroll devices in Azure Active Directory Azure AD and then enroll in a mobile device management MDM solution, if required. New PowerShell cmdlets enable you to automatically install provisioning packages created using Windows Configuration Designer.

Watch the demo for more insight. New Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection ATP capabilities , including the ability to create custom threat intelligence alerts , investigate a specific user account , and take immediate actions on a machine or file to contain a breach. Enhancements to Windows Defender Antivirus AV previously known as Windows Defender , including updates to how the Block at First Sight feature can be configured and the ability to specify the level of cloud protection.

DynamicManagement CSP , which enables policies to be enabled dynamically based on location, network, or time. For example, you could disable cameras on managed devices when at a work location. BitLocker CSP , which enables device encryption management For example, you could require storage card encryption on mobile devices, or require encryption for OS drives on PCs. CleanPC CSP , which enables the removal of user-installed and pre-installed applications, with the option to persist user data.

The ability to configure security policies through MDM that were previously only available through Group Policy. In fact, we have enabled close to new security policies natively through MDM. Blocked pages will not be visible in the app and, if all pages in a category are blocked, the category will be hidden as well. Support for mobile application management MAM , including integration with Windows Information Protection, which provides individuals with access to business apps on their personal Windows devices while protecting company data.

Improved manageability support in Microsoft Edge with the addition of new Group Policy and MDM settings geared towards customizing experiences, security, and privacy e. We have also made enhancements to Windows as a service , including:. More control over configuring when devices receive feature updates and quality updates in Windows Update for Business. The ability to monitor the installation progress of both quality and feature updates with Update Compliance.

There are even more features in Windows 10, version that we think you will love:. Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL , which allows users to run native, unmodified Linux command-line tools directly on Windows, without virtual machines. Hyper-V improvements , including:. I understand that all users will be able to roll back from Windows 10 Creators Update, if they have major problems within ten days of the installation.

If they choose to roll back, will they be offered Creators Update at a later time through automatic update, or not? I know that users can always manually use the Media Creation Tool to get the latest version of Windows The fix is automatic, you simply run the utility, select the options, and it alters the registry automatically according to the update notification options you select and permanently disables automatic updates. The only down side is you can’t select updates individually so if you reject updates then it’s all future update.

The idea is more to allow you to indefinitely delay them rather than stop them entirely, although if MS don’t fix the Creators update, then that will be the result as you can’t allow it to install any updates until it’s fixed. As MS probably won’t acknowledge this exists here’s a screenshot from my pc of updates queued as a result of turning Windows Update off using the utility:. I imagine this utility may spread like wildfire and make the whole situation a lot worse for MS with millions like me no longer applying ANY updates.

MS need to fix this and they also need to allow the disabling of problematic updates. The guy who actually wrote the utility found the issue in the Creators Update causing Apps to break in under 20 mins and applied a fix to the company he works for products within the hour so they work with the broken version! BTW, MS you can’t rely on other companies to fix their Apps as there are a lot of expensive Apps out there that are broken that are no longer supported by their creators eg many versions of Photoshop being one of the many Apps that seems to get broken.

After about 12 hours, Windows crashes. I wish to show my computer remotely to the engineers, so maybe they can set a trap and figure out why. CPU temperature is 41 to 45 Celsius on all cores. By any means the computer is not being used beyond its normal boundaries. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my passwords ,banking info etc.

Call me crazy ,but isn’t it a bit hypocritical to develop a defender and then ask us to share that info? I understand that change is good ,but this seems intrusive and reckless. Why do I already have that gut feeling that this is just unacceptable. Is there any app.? I do research , email , some documents ,buy and sell? Must I be subject to your interpretation of my likes and dislikes? The dreaded pop-ups etc. I’m not sure where this is leading?

And that’s the problem? I don’t want to give up those freedoms to you or anybody else? If you have received such request, you have been targeted by an scammer. Do not provide any personal information to anybody and do not call anybody claiming to be Microsoft support, they never call you unless you call them first.

Thank you for your reply. When I check my defaults? Defender is constantly saying I’m at risk and that my personal info is exposed to the world? You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds blow?

I’ve spent hours trying to resolve this? So I tried a clean re-install. Who if anyone is minding the store?? I could go on , but by now I’m sure you can feel my paranoia. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Microsoft released the first build of Windows 10 Redstone 2 on August 12, Windows 10 Creators Update focuses on creativity, collaboration and sharing.

The new version of Windows 10 includes a redesigned Paint app focused on creating 3D content. Users can easily collaborate and communicate with family, friends and work colleagues. This FAQ will help keep you updated with its progress and feature additions as we approach the final release in Spring What is Windows 10 Creators Update?

What is Windows 10 Redstone 2? When will Microsoft release Windows 10 Creators Update? Microsoft says the update will become available in the spring of How do I download the Windows 10 Creators Update? For Windows 8. Windows 10 Creators Update focuses on creativity, collaboration, sharing and 4K gaming.

Create three dimensional imagery using Paint 3D which you can share with the Remix 3D community or on your favorite social network. Reduce the impact of blue light on your eyes and sleeping patterns using Night Light.

Use Dynamic Lock to secure your computer using a bluetooth enabled smart phone. Manage the security, health and performance of your computer in one centralized location using Windows Defender Security Center.

Being a lazy bugger I like to automate as many boring, repetitive tasks as I can so PowerShell and Scheduled Tasks are my friends…. A good example of this would be if you needed to run a cleanup of WSUS to remove declined, superseded, expired updates etc. A customer recently had a requirement to deploy a PowerShell script to configure a setting for App-V 5. This works for the majority of tasks:. One the command prompt is open you can run the required installer as the System context:.

Bloody awesome I thought…. On this occasion however I needed to reconfigure a bit application App-V 5. Once changed to reference the correct PowerShell. RoboCopy is used as a tool to copy folders but it can also be used to copy single files if required. Say you want to copy a file called BigFile. Recently a customer wanted the ability to be able to rebuild Windows XP machines!

The following code can be added into a Batch File and executed as an Administrator to automate the creation of the Boot Image and add the required components. WinPE 1. An easy way to run programs like regedit. To do day-to-day tasks on your. If like me you need to log in locally to Windows machines quite a lot, it can be an annoyance to have to type in the Computername prefix every time you need to do so e.

Luckily Microsoft have given us a shortcut way of doing this so we can save time. My example below will disable i. As Michael demonstrates there is a PowerShell command which can be used to ensure that this content is copied when creating Offline Media. After running these commands and then updating the media content, the required folders were included in the Offline Media.

Often used in MDT to ensure certain drivers or applications only get installed on certain hardware types, WMI queries on Model are very useful for Windows deployments to physical machines. For reference — the list below shows the results for various HP hardware which I have needed to deploy:. Proactive Remediations to the rescue again! Privacy Settings.

Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading Count SetPhysicalPresenceRequest 14 “. ChangeOwnerAuth Method System. Clear Method System.

ManagementBaseObject Clear System. ManagementBaseObject Disable System. String OwnerA DisableAutoProvisioning Method System. Enable Method System. ManagementBaseObject Enable System. IsActivated Method System. IsCommandPresent Method System. IsEnabled Method System. IsReady Method System. Provision Method System. ManagementBaseObject Provision System. Boolean For RemoveBlockedCommand Method System. ResetSrkAuth Method System. String O SelfTest Method System.

TakeOwnership Method System. Object ICloneable. Dispose Equals Method bool Equals System. SerializationInfo info, System The main resources I used were: miketerrill.


Windows 10 1703 iso ita download zoom testing

По этому сообщению not provide any personal information to anybody and do not call anybody claiming to be Microsoft support, they never call you unless you windows 10 1703 iso ita download zoom testing them first. It should not be. It also creates a log file Pwsh-Gather. I do research winrows, emailsome documents ,buy and sell? And conversely, the following query returned only devices which ended with an even number or letter:. If like me you need to log in locally to Windows machines its a lot, it can be an annoyance to have to type in the Computername prefix every time you need to do so e.


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G0-EUC Moore’s law of Windows 10 – Newer versions of Windows 10 have lower Mount the downloaded Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 ISO and run. This works in Windows 10 and newer. Click Advanced system settings. On the Advanced tab, click the top Settings button. On the. How do I download the Windows 10 Creators Update? Windows 10 Creators Update Version ISO Files Now Available for Download. How can I install the Windows Tensile test on specimens with known % windows determined a critical limit above which the fracture strain rapidly degrades. The supported route for uninstalling Zoom is use a Zoom-provided tool called ‘replace.me’ so the script checks for that tool being present.❿

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